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The poets Musaeus and Orpheus were regarded by the Greeks as composers of ancient oracles.(79) In the fifth century the oracles of Bacis, the Sibyl, and Epimenides were also in circulation.(80) Herodotus (5.43-44) mentions the oracles of Laius.
In fact, the four women characters in The Robber Bride can easily be read as a revisiting (and overcoming?) of Atwood's "four bacis victims positions" and their attendant emotional states of denial (Roz), resignation (Charis), dynamic anger (Tony) and creative refusal (Zenia, of course).
(2) See also lines 415-16 (|each crashed its bronze-faced beak against each of its line') and the oracle of Bacis concerning the battle of Salamis in Herodotus VIII.77 (|Bronze upon bronze shall clash').