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Before implementing the combined solution, the size of the backup window often required overnight backups to tape, causing concerns about the quality of restored data after a service interruption.
When developing a backup strategy for Exchange Server, there are five important areas to consider:
ZRM for MySQL provides a business-ready backup and recovery solution that will further accelerate the adoption of MySQL as a database of choice for mainstream enterprise applications.
Note: Replication differs from backup in that replication moves data to another location and the data is accessible from both locations.
Johnson Health Network selected ExaGrid's turnkey disk-based backup system to reclaim the 50% of their expensive primary storage space set aside as a temporary place to store backup data and to reduce the 22 to 28 hours it takes to backup data to tape.
Each day an incremental Exchange backup is performed to copy new log files.
CA's BrightStor ARCserve Backup automates traditional backup and recovery tasks, significantly reducing the storage workloads on IT operations staff.
This incremental backup method is the fastest way to backup an online MySQL server.
To preserve data, companies must have a plan that incorporates three components: backup, archive and recovery.
Almost all tape backup systems can verify that the data written to a tape are exactly the same as the original data.
Under the terms of the agreement DSGi will provide Spare Backup's service in its various performance packages as well as placing Spare Backup as an icon image in all PCs sold throughout its network.
The typical architecture of a backup system saves files from primary (critical status) storage on a low-cost disk or tape on a daily basis.