BACLBritish American College London (now Regent's American College London; London, England, UK)
BACLBrisbane Airport Corporation Limited (Australia)
BACLBreeding Acceptability Check List (Leonberger Club of America)
BACLBoston Area Church League (Massachusetts)
BACLBuilding Automation Control Library
BACLBackground Request Control Logic
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We have teams from all over the Midlands playing here - AVFC, Wolves, Solihull Moors, Leamington FC, Redditch United and many more teams, plus we will be welcoming BCFC to BACL for the forthcoming season.
(23) "Lembrancas oficiosas a respeito do pagamento das dividas reais e da reforma da administracao da Real Fazenda, por Joao Henriques de Souza, tesoureiro-mor do Real Erario", en Biblioteca da Academia das Ciencias de Lisboa (BACL), Serie Vermelha, manuscrito 483; na fol.
But after capturing the imagination of teenage girls around the world, New Kids On The Block parted ways bacl in 1994.
BaCl 0.5 N was added to the traps immediately after removal from the jars to avoid further enrichment with atmospheric C[O.sub.2].
Two ml of 1 M BaCl and 2 to 3 drops of phenolphthalein were added to the base traps.
Briefly, labeled S[O.sub.4] concentration was calculated by the difference in activity of the total soluble fraction and soluble fraction after a BaCl precipitation of S[O.sub.4].
Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard is pictured bacl home in Liverpool, clutching his copy of Thursday's ECHO, which had 25 packed pages dedicated to his team's Champions League triumph
El calor desprendido en la respiracion y las tasas de generacion de C[O.sub.2] pueden ser determinadas experimentalmente en sistemas cerrados mediante respirometros tales como el barometrico o de Warburg, cuya invencion data de 1926 (Umbreit et al., 1957) o mediante sistemas abiertos con flujo de aire, en los cuales se absorbe el C[O.sub.2] generado por unidad de tiempo en una solucion de NaOH, con produccion de [Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3] que reacciona con BaCl para producir BaC[O.sub.3], el cual se titula con una solucion de HCl usando fenolftaletna como indicador.
Beams, Anthony, Clement, and Lowensobn (BACL) focus on the equity method, which is superior both conceptually and practically because of the symmetrical entries on the parent's books and on the working papers.
Bacl: Lewis Jopson, Jamaul Whyte, Curtis Alderman, TJ Pryor, Matthew Penman, Jack Tennetta, Kieron Joseph.
To this end, the airport operator, Brisbane Airport Corporation Limited (BACL), is working on two parallel projects aimed at growing the airport over the next 20 years and developing the Brisbane area into Australia's premier business and leisure district.