BACONGOBelize Alliance of Conservation Non-Government Organizations
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SOUNDBITE 2 - Leonidas Motom, resident of Bacongo (man, French, 20 sec)
(1) The sapeur movement emerged under the name 'la SAPE' (La Societe des Ambianceurs et Personnes Elegantes) among the Bacongo youth in Brazzaville during the 1970s and 1980s (Gandoulou 1989; Friedman 1994).
Veja-se ai que o nome "Umbata" e aportuguesamento do antigo nome de um cla do povo Bacongo, os Mbata.
Students recognize this aesthetic hegemony with ease when given contrasting examples of Eurocentric and Afrocentric models of color--the latter, for example, from the Ebony Fashion Fair, Africa-based clothing designers, contemporary hip-hop "bling" style, or the newly published Gentlemen of Bacongo: The African Dandies, by photographer, Daniele Tamagni.
Gandoulou, Justin-Daniel, 1989, Dandies a Bacongo. Le culte de l'elegance dans la societe congolaise contemporaine.
Ambos ao "lancar suas tropas sobre o reino bacongo, bolsao de mao-de-obra desde sempre cobicada pelos preadores portugueses," visavam controlar este mercado.
(14) In terms of ethnicity an African flavor--more West than East--permeated all aspects of colonial life in the city: Yoruba, Aja, Akan (Coramanti), Bacongo, Fon, Ibo, and even some Wolof.
Fortis said the ruling is the seventh consecutive failure by the group, also known as BACONGO, to stop the Chalillo River project on environmental grounds.
Dandies a Bacongo: la culture de l'elegance dans la societe congolaise contemporaine.