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BACTBest Available Control Technology
BACTBryn Athyn Community Theater (est. 1981; Bryn Athyn, PA)
BACTBritish Association of Conference Towns
BACTBekaert Advanced Coating Technologies
BACTBiological Approaches to Cancer Treatment
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pollution controls from which BACT is selected is meant to be expansive
Deputy leader of the council Simon Holbrook said: "We are prepared to set aside within the community fund a sum of money - if you like with BACT's name on it, should you be able to put together the kind of business plan and funding evidence that will convince our officers." BACT member Ben Harrison who spoke at the cabinet meeting said new potential funding sources had become available and urged the councillors to reconsider.
BACT requirements will be and expects to issue guidance on that in the
Maria Cristina Pena, bact., profesora asociada Universidad del Rosado.
BACT to Black - art cinema and the Racial Imaginary has opened at Whitechapel art gallery in London and explores the work and influence of black artists working in Britain, Jamaica and America in the 1960s and 70s.
Figure 7: Biocide Data: Summary VENDOR PLANKTONIC TEST Prod 0 Hr 24 Hr 48 Hr 72 Hr 5 PPM 0 BACT BACT BACT 10 PPM 0 BACT BACT BACT 20 PPM 0 0 0 0 40 PPM 0 0 0 0 LABORATORY SESSILE TEST Prod 3 day 7 day 14 day 40 PPM 0 BACT BACT 500 PPM 0 0 BACT 10,000 PPM 0 0 0
While NLC calls for and supports many of the provisions in the measure--specifically the targeting of emissions from power plants and petroleum refineries, and the expansion of the "cap-and-trade" provisions to these facilities--it also calls for a comprehensive multi-pollutant program and the continued implementation of best available control technology (BACT) at all power plants.
In addition, UV/EB technology is included in many BACT (Best Available Control Technology) listings and is identified as more cost effective than add-on controls by San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.
In bacterial counting, the earlier software with two separate channels was used (BACT channel, counting particles with a diameter [greater than or equal to]2 [micro]m; and HIGH BACT channel, counting particles [greater than or equal to]0.6 [micro]m).
as Probiotics; Future Aspects in Research and Product Development on Lactic Acid Bact eria, Followed by a Subject Index.
The standards for obtaining VERPs are less stringent than those for traditional permits, which require new companies to adopt current Best Available Control Technologies (BACT).