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BADDBattlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination
BADDBothered About Dungeons and Dragons
BADDBikers Against Drunk Drivers
BADDBlind Adaptive Decorrelating Detector
BADDBusiness Against Drunk Drivers, Inc.
BADDBattlefield Automated Data Distribution
BADDBiannual Drydocking
BADDBalance and Dizziness Disorder
BADDBoaters Against Drunk Driving, Inc.
BADDBikers Against Dumbass Drivers
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The motion to approve the BADD grant application and design of the building with Spreen returning to update the council in a week or two, passed on a voice vote 8 to 0.
New Dan Okor int baDd New Danish defender Jores Okore turned a centre into his own net just before the break, and a shot by Sergi Darder took a deflection of Karim El Ahmadi after 62 minutes to narrow the scoreline.
He says: "Larry Tee's 'Club Badd' record is not new but it's really edgy, dancy stuff.
Tough girl Ceejay knows the difference between being BAD--acting wild with no regard for the consequences--and being BADD. Her older brother, Bobby, is BADD--wild and courageous and ready to fight for all that is good.
"Exit" is a novel from Liliana Badd telling the story of Ondine, a woman who serves as a lost soul searching for something more out of her life.
My favorite band was Color Me Badd and I watched Roseanne religiously.
But because I'm so fair, it's true that my biggest worry growing up was that I would forever be confused with the white kid who wanted to be down, a fear exacerbated during the Vanilla Ice era and again during any other urban white-boy moments thereafter (Marky Mark, Color Me Badd. Jon B.
THE MUMMERS Tale To Tell ( Big Badd Drum) FROM the moment Tale To Tell begins, you're walking around a carnival, with oompah rhythms, Wurlitzers and staccato brass creating a heady atmosphere.
ADVNT Biotechnologies makes the BioWarfare Agent Detection Devices (BADD) that, according to the company, provides a higher level of sensitivity and specificity and does not require a reader.
Colour Me Badd? Dear God, not the long overdue Billy Ray Cyrus comeback?
D C Thomson launched The Topper in 1953 and its companion The Beezer three years later, the four comics dominating the market with such unforgettable characters as Korky The Cat, Desperate Dan, Biffo The Bear, Beryl The Peril, Lord Snooty, The Badd Lads, The Bash Street Kids, Minnie The Minx and, of course, Dennis The Menace.
BADD (Bars Against Drunk Driving) is a program initiated by NJLBA, and sponsored by member taverns in five counties so far throughout New Jersey.