BADGBe A Design Group
BADGBirmingham Adult Dyslexia Group (UK)
BADGBay Area Derby Girls (Alameda, California)
BADGBroughton Amateur Dramatic Group (UK)
BADGBritish Aerospace Dynamic Group
BADGBattle Group Antiair Warfare Display Group
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Friday night finishes with a return of BADG, but this time with the comedy Watch This Space by Karrena Dewhurst.
A preliminary association study of this intronic SNP with 10 traits, including Backfat Thickness (BF), Carcass Weight (CW), Meat Percent (MP), Average Daily Gain (ADG), Average Daily Feed Intake (ADFI), Ratio of Feed-to-Meat (RFM), Beginning Average Daily Gain (BADG), Finishing Average Daily Gain (FADG), Loin-Muscle Area (LMA) and Carcass Length (CL), indicated that there is a significant association between the SNP and two traits: ADFI and CL (p<0.01).
Reports emerged that the new car would either be badged solely as a Wolseley, or might at least be offered in a range-topping Wolseley variant.
The goings-on at the Black & Asian Disability Group (BADG) are exposed in a BBC TV programme tomorrow night.
Mhari said product for about the "Peopl persona everyb the su The cheek them desig Bonn badg wil at There is, of course, some cheeky jewellery in it for them.
There are literally hundreds of cars,all dutifully displaying blue badg es.
They can buy some genuine Lone Star US Marshal badg es from the States and add a letter `B' in front of the letters US.
Backmarker Badgy Bee will command respect in the betting and will be going best in the late stages, but Tex should have too many guns for the Badg.
FOR the first time, Aintree has published 150,000 copies ofA Guide to the Martell Cognac Grand National,in association with Rough Guides,for distribution to all purchasers of entrance badg es.
To my horror,I discovered that, unless you are already on the lists,finding a dentist who is prepared to launch a full frontal on the gnashers with a pair of pliers is like stumbling across a badg er lapping up a latte in Starbucks.
A ban on the cruel and barbaric pastime of hunting with hounds is long overdue,and if any hunt chooses to ignore the ban they should be tr eat ed in the same way as badg er baiters , who also think the law is unjust to their ``pastime.''Hopefully,any fine the Countryside Alliance might be given for incitement to break the law after the ban can be passed onto rural groups who deal with real countryside issues,not bloodsports.
And pity the poor police officer who has to remind Lady Thatcher or Lord Tebb it to wear their badg es,because the same rules,presumably, will apply to peers in the House of Lords.