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BADGEBayesian Analysis of Differential Gene Expression
BADGEBalanced Approach to Drug and Gang Elimination
BADGEBasic Air Defense Ground Environment (Japan)
BADGEBisphenol A Di-Glycidyl Ether
BADGEBravery, Attitude, Dedication, Guts, & Everything (police slang)
BADGEBase Air Defense Ground Environment/Equipment
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cried the three girls, as Snodgrass led her friend triumphantly forth, and producing both a chair and a badge, installed him in a jiffy.
He wished that he, too, had a wound, a red badge of cour- age.
Let not the reader argue, from any of these evidences of iniquity, that the times of the Puritans were more vicious than our own, when, as we pass along the very street of this sketch, we discern no badge of infamy on man or woman.
The hand and foot thus embellished were, according to Kory-Kory, the distinguishing badge of wedlock, so far as that social and highly commendable institution is known among those people.
The medallion of Washington reposed on his chest, a badge of distinction that Elizabeth well knew he only produced on great and solemn occasions.
It would be sunk into a badge of disgrace; for what can be more unbecoming, or more worthless, than the uniform of a lieutenant, who has been a lieutenant a year or two, and sees others made commanders before him?
Pulling back a wisp of dirty cloth, he revealed a worn brass crucifix leaning against the helmet badge of a long-forgotten East India Company's regiment.
The transformation of a regimental badge like your Red Bull into a sort of fetish that the boy follows is very interesting.
That evening, at dinner in the big Viceregal tent, he stood up with the badge and the collar of the Order on his breast, and replying to the toast of his master's health, made a speech few Englishmen could have bettered.
In this manner, it cannot be denied, people are disentangled from the mass and separated into various classes according to certain apparent relations; all have some artificial badge which the world, and themselves among the first, learn to consider as a genuine characteristic.
But memory is a base mendicant with basket and badge, in the presence of these sudden masters.
Prince Vasili's daughter, the beautiful Helene, came to take her father to the ambassador's entertainment; she wore a ball dress and her badge as maid of honor.