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Badger, we were all under engagement to dine at Mr.
Bayham Badger himself was a pink, fresh-faced, crisp-looking gentleman with a weak voice, white teeth, light hair, and surprised eyes, some years younger, I should say, than Mrs.
Badger replied to the smile, "I was observing to Mr.
Badger, "when I married Captain Swosser of the Royal Navy.
Badger has been married to three husbands--two of them highly distinguished men," said Mr.
Benjamin skipped lightly over dry-foot; the badger's heavy steps showed plainly in the mud.
Upon the top of the wall, there were again the marks of badger; and some ravellings of a sack had caught on a briar.
He made his way up the hill; his temper was not improved by noticing unmistakable marks of badger. No one else grubs up the moss so wantonly as Tommy Brock.
There was a smell of fresh earth and dirty badger, which fortunately
"The Badgers did not care to talk to Fish: They did not dote on Herrings' songs: They never had experienced the dish To which that name belongs: And oh, to pinch their tails,' (this was their wish,)
'To roam, yea, roam, and roam!' "Gently the Badgers trotted to the shore The sandy shore that fringed the bay: Each in his mouth a living Herring bore-- Those aged ones waxed gay: Clear rang their voices through the ocean's roar,
Badgered by dreams, perhaps, he swayed with little bounces and starts, like an old toddy-stricken grandfather in a chimney corner.