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BADLBadlands National Park (US National Park Service)
BADLBasic Activities of Daily Living
BADLBristol Activities of Daily Living (dementia scale)
BADLBoston Animal Defense League (Boston, MA)
BADLBulgarian Animal Defence League (Sofia, Bulgaria)
BADLBelgian Association for Dynamic Languages (Brussels, Belgium)
BADLBelleville Area District Library (Belleville, MI)
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scale (14), with information about performing the basic activities of daily living (BADL) such as controlling sphincters, bathing, feeding, lying down and getting out of bed, going to the restroom and dressing up.
The majority of the participants in the present study were independent in BADL as well as IADL.
Both versions are divided into six areas of occupation: BADL, IADL, play, leisure, social participation, and education.
of bothersome symptoms 0.29 *** 0.02 0.26 0.33 Functional status Cognitive (MMSE) -0.04 0.01 -0.07 -0.02 BADL (self + proxy) -0.23 *** 0.03 -0.29 -0.17 Physical health (SF12 PCS) -0.06 *** 0.00 -0.07 -0.05 Social support MOS social support -0.70 *** 0.06 -0.81 -0.59 Emotional informational MOS social support tangible -0.76 *** 0.06 -0.88 -0.64 MOS social support affectionate -0.62 *** 0.05 -0.72 -0.52 MOS social support positive -0.65 *** 0.05 -0.75 -0.55 Resource use prior to start of LTSS Hospice Yes (reference) No -1.07 * 0.44 -1.98 -0.15 No.
The evaluation of BADL's showed that 96.6% of the elderly can perform their tasks independently, however, to perform IADL's only 16.0% are independent (Table 1).
Plasma BDNF concentrations negatively associated with visuospatial apraxia and impairment in daily living activities (BADL score).
Their motion and their votes helped to topple the Labour government and ushered in Margaret Thatcher and 18 years of Tory rule - and badl y damaged the SNP for a decade.
BEAN BAD Laila Rose Thomas once had a beanbag in Shrewsbury EAN BADL il R Th BE BE
It had t started badl dl dly for h them and pretty much started badly for them and pretty much descended into chaos inside the opening five minutes.
Induced by the sentiments of badl, revenge, Wazirs and Mahsuds, by putting aside their agnatic rivalry, formed the TTP under a joint leadership of Baitullah Mahsud.
We evaluated the functional status of the people with dementia using Barthel's Index for Basic Activities of Daily Living (BADL; Wade, 1992) and the scale of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL; Lawton & Brody, 1969).