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BADLBadlands National Park (US National Park Service)
BADLBasic Activities of Daily Living
BADLBristol Activities of Daily Living (dementia scale)
BADLBoston Animal Defense League (Boston, MA)
BADLBulgarian Animal Defence League (Sofia, Bulgaria)
BADLBelgian Association for Dynamic Languages (Brussels, Belgium)
BADLBelleville Area District Library (Belleville, MI)
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We assessed whether the factors corresponded to the theory-based occupational dimensions (namely, participation, BADL, IADL, and PLAY) of the MMD.
Paired Student's t-testing revealed that the children's self-ratings with respect to BADL performance quality, independence in BADL and in PLAY, and satisfaction with IADL and PLAY were significantly higher than their parents' ratings (see Table 3).
The association of age, morbidities, and indicative of depression with a functional disability for BADL is similar to a national finding.
Uberaba-MG, 2014 Number of disabilities for BADL Variables Without 1-3 4 or more (n =1629) (n = 54) (n = 10) n % n % n % Gender Male 598 36.
Multiple Regression Analysis Predicting Family Caregivers' CZBI Scores Variables B p People with dementia (n = 162) BADL .
For the purposes of this article, functional dependence is defined as the assistance with daily living required by patients, including assistance with BADL and IADL.
Non-respondents were compared with respondents on the demographic characteristics of age, marital status and socio-economic status and on the health status indicators prevalence of myocardial infarction and stroke, disabilities in BADL and mobility and self-rated health.
In contrast, significant differences were found between the child and parental reports regarding the quantity and quality of activity performance in the IADL, BADL, and PLAY domains.
Results: only cognitive deterioration and depression were independently associated with disability, as detected by BADL or IADL scales.
Subjects in the present study failed for functional impairment if they scored at or below these warning levels for any one of the three subscales (89 for BADL, 72 for IADL and 78 for social activities).
Furthermore, younger men and younger women did not differ in the percentage of time spent in BADL and IADL activities, regardless of marital status.