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We showed that there was a statistically significant difference for BADM versus HADM regarding the secondary endpoint (44% [7/16] versus 7% [1/15], respectively) with a p value of 0.02 using the Chi-Square test.
In further detail, complication risk for HADM (Epiflex) was 7% (1/15 patients), for PADM (Strattice) 14% (3/21 patients), and for BADM (Tutomesh) 31% (5/16 patients).
There are various products available on the market: Epiflex is a cell-free dermis allograft, which is up to now the only licensed medicinal HADM product in German-speaking countries; Strattice is a sterile, acellular reconstructive tissue matrix, which is derived from porcine dermis; Tutomesh (BADM) is an avital, acellular, and xenogeneic membrane made from bovine pericardium.
In detail, BADM (Tutomesh) had the highest complication probability with 31%, followed by PADM (Strattice)with 14%, and HADM (Epiflex) with 7%.
But an increased complication rate following BADM application has to be taken into account and should be discussed with the patient preoperatively.
Vascular invasion within the BADM (Strattice/LifeCell) after 6 months postoperatively.
Caption: FIGURE 3: Case I: 57-year-old female patient suffering from implant malposition with lateral deviation, bottoming-out, rippling, ptosis with different nipple-areola complex (NAC) and IMF positions preoperatively; (a) frontal view; (b) lateral view; one-year postoperative results after BADM implantation (Strattice/LifeCell) with frontal (c) and lateral view (d).
* In fall 2001, a startling number of graduate students in this class had never conducted "formal" research before completing the empirical research project in BADM 710 as the pre-assessment responses in Table 2 show.
* Fewer students (64%) in spring 2003 were undergraduate business majors, and only 15% of the current BADM 710 students work in the banking, finance or insurance industries.
Project Goals: This project will help students in BADM 710 to do the following: * Develop efficient and effective skills for accessing and using scholarly information * Strengthen digital library use * Expand technology skills and computer competencies * Improve awareness of historical and current theories and principles in finance * Understand how theories learned in class can be tested using actual data * Learn to write a literature review * Learn to develop and test research hypotheses * Hone data analysis and spreadsheet skills * Enhance critical thinking, project management, and team building skills * Improve written and oral communication skills Project "Deliverables": 1.
Therefore, 100% of the BADM 710 students in this sample have taken an undergraduate statistics course.
The hands-on empirical research model used in BADM 710 at the University of South Dakota has the potential to be successful in any graduate class in the region, not just graduate classes in finance.