BADPBorder Area Development Programme (India)
BADPBarani Area Development Project (Pakistan)
BADPBile Acid-Depleted Pigs
BADPBiologically Active Dust Particle
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The BADP covers 358 blocks of 96 border districts of 17 states located along the international land border.
General objective of the present rapid survey was to assess the implementation of BADP, security concerns, border trade, border tourism and livelihood of the people living in the Indo-Nepal border areas of Uttar Pradesh.
i) Interaction with the agencies, officials and peoples' representatives; and (ii) scanning of secondary data on BADP.
The various activities/infrastructure developed with the help of BADP are road, irrigation, health, education, energy, diary, horticulture and security.
There are no vocational educational institutions opened in the border areas under BADP for the skill education of youth.
In Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal, the BADP has been transferred from Planning Department to Tribal Development and Forest Department respectively for the effective implementation of BADP.
Village approach is the most appropriate approach for the effective implementation of BADP.
deposits that were sampled by Forminiere within SouthernEra's BADP permit.
was termed the "Lubi-Lukula Triangle" located within SouthernEra's BADP permit
The BADP program to date has consisted of utilizing remote sensing data