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BADSBritish Association of Day Surgery (London, UK)
BADSBehavioral Assessment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome
BADSBlack Locks with Albinism and Deafness Syndrome
BADSBiological Agent Detection System
BADSBiological Agent Decontamination Simulant
BADSBoston Air Defense Sector
BADSBergen Amateur Dramatic Society (Bergen, Norway)
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The distribution of the standardized residues conformed to the normal curve in all variables except the Work/School Impairment subscale of the BADS (K-S test).
In analogy to catallactics, we can distinguish suppliers and counterparties regarding bads. The supplier of a bad pursues a marginal utility on his part by making the counterparty act in a certain way through promising a bad in case of that counterparty's refusal.
Ignoring Dyer's lessons about the "bads," It was decided that a further 100 Bolshevik deserters would augment the unit in order to bring it up to full strength.
Therefore, the tests were administered based on their standardized order with an exception: first, D-KEFS TMT, VFT, DFT, CWIT, ST, TQT, and TT were consecutively administered; then, BADS RS, KS, ZM, and 6E tests; and lastly, the optional tests, D-KEFS WCT and PT.
Another set of public bads are growing fragility, wars, and conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America creating large flows of refugees and displaced people, causing social, economic, and political tensions in transition and receiving countries.
In both clinical groups individuals considered to show DF based on BADS scores showed more errors of omission on the Go/No-Go Task, especially those in the extra-frontal lesion group.
Winger Paddy Flynn picked up a hamstring injury which, while not as bads as originally feared, will keep him out of the Easter fixtures.
public bads like pollution; accounting for spillovers or externalities; valuing environmental resources; endangered species; interest rates, cost-benefit analysis, and nonrenewable resources; renewable resources; and transaction costs and inefficiencies of institutional choices.
INTRODUCTION: Simultaneous Bilateral Anterior Dislocation of Shoulder (BADS) is very rare and is usually of traumatic origin.
Various tests have been planned based on the SAS model and have been designed specifically for the acquisition of different SAS components, namely the Six Element Test, first described by Shallice and Burgess (1991), later incorporated into BADS (Wilson, Alderman, Burgess, Emslie, & Evans, 1996), and also the Hayling Test (Burgess & Shallice, 1996), incorporated into INECO Frontal Screening.
Time to think Think of all the things you have done Good and bad but blot out the bad And face the happiness that you have won Everybody goes through life good and bad Close your eyes Blot out the bads things and treasure the good Everyone has good days and bad And everyone has happy days too And some have bad days But you are alive Make the best of it I do.