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BADSBritish Association of Day Surgery (London, UK)
BADSBehavioral Assessment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome
BADSBlack Locks with Albinism and Deafness Syndrome
BADSBiological Agent Detection System
BADSBiological Agent Decontamination Simulant
BADSBoston Air Defense Sector
BADSBergen Amateur Dramatic Society (Bergen, Norway)
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GIRL group The Saturdays have revealed they are happily loved up with a bunch of BAD boys.
acents Health Ministry seeks to toughen controls over BAD advertising and sales.
Coyne and Steve Davies, "Empire: Public Goods and Bads," Econ Journal Watch 4, no.
Even if people recognize that markets are good and coercion is bad, some will always attempt to use coercive government because it will be in their interest to do so.
public goods, public bads are inflicted upon others without their
4,5) BADS was first described in 1902 in a patient with muscular contraction caused by a camphor overdose.
And above is a review of the BADS first show in April 1947.
Each year has its own particular year with its problems, its difficulties, its goods, its bads," safety Rodney Harrison said.
He did not work through a fully adequate analysis of the global common good, but his insight prodded social theorists to consider those shared goods and bads that must be addressed at a transnational level if they are to be attained or remedied.
1, DDS and MDA have molecular structures similar to ODA, and the only difference lies in the sulfonyl group and the methylene bond, respectively, instead of the ether bond in ODA, while BADS, BABP, and DABN have 3-amino-phenyl moieties in the molecules.
I have been beaten short heads and heads and couldn't get a winner, and thought he hadn't got up, but you have your good runs and your bads ones in this game.
The market has its ups and downs, its ins and outs, its goods and bads.