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BAEBureau of American Ethnology (Smithsonian Institution)
BAEBritish Aerospace Engineering
BAEBronchial Artery Embolization
BAEBon a Enlever (French: Good to Remove; warrant)
BAEBrigade Aviation Element
BAEBachelor of Architectural Engineering
BAEBring Another Engine (plane mechanics)
BAEBoucle Accueil Emploi (French: Loop Home Employment; est. 1984)
BAEBachelor of Art Education
BAEBoston Academy of English
BAEBuffet Accès Emploi (French: Buffet JobConnect; Canada)
BAEBureau d'Assistance Européen (French: European Assistance Office; Belgium)
BAEBachelor of Aerospace Engineering
BAEBattlefield Area Evaluation
BAEBoard of Architectural Examiners
BAEBlind Adaptive Equalization
BAEBethe-Ansatz Equation
BAEBachelor of Agricultural Engineering
BAEBilateral Above Elbow (amputation)
BAEBureau of Agricultural Engineering (USDA)
BAEBeta-Amylase Enzyme
BAEBoeing Aerospace Engineering
BAEBureau des Affaires Etrangères (French: Foreign Affairs Office)
BAEBoite a Eau (French: Waterbox; rainwater recovery)
BAEBritish Aerospace Systems, LTD
BAEBegin Average Events
BAEBilateral Atrial Enlargement (cardiology)
BAEBel Air Elementary (various locations)
BAEBusiness, Accounting and Economics (various schools)
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This is a tremendous achievement for our organization," said Marshall Banker, president, BAE Systems Information Systems Sector.
Working with the international team, we are able to equip the Slovak armed forces with interoperability and the capability for future growth," said Warren Nadler, MOKYS program director at BAE Systems in Wayne, New Jersey.
Boeing and BAE SYSTEMS have enjoyed a long relationship on the C-17, with our work on the flight control dating to 1989," said James Scanlon, president of BAE SYSTEMS Platform Solutions.
Under this current IDIQ delivery order, BAE Systems will begin delivering vehicles in March and will deliver all vehicles over the next 120 days.
Navy's requirements for technical support at the Aegis System's prime contractor facility," said Bruce Hamilton, president, BAE SYSTEMS Applied Technologies.
Sheila Cheston, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, BAE Systems Inc.
Cannon artillery is playing a critical role in Iraq and Afghanistan, and BAE Systems is committed to supporting the development of a PGK solution that will give them even greater combat effectiveness," said Jim Unterseher, BAE Systems vice president of Army Programs.
BAE Systems fully understands that today's survivability requirements pose technical and operational challenges that require the capabilities of an experienced and proven combat vehicle developer," said John Swift, MRAP Program Manager for BAE Systems at its Triangle, Virginia office.
Mode 5 certification is a major milestone in IFF development," said Paul Markwardt, BAE Systems vice president and general manager for Identification and Situational Awareness at Greenlawn, N.
As president of BAE Systems Information Technology, Rick will support the rapidly growing federal outsourcing market by providing enterprise IT services to government and other external customers and will also focus on continuing in-sourcing of centralized, high quality, highly reliable, cost effective IT services across BAE Systems' U.
BAE Systems, Smiths Aerospace, Rolls-Royce and QinetiQ, will work alongside MoD staff and scientists to develop and fly Taranis.
A team of 10 appraisers reviewed BAE Systems' documented processes and interviewed all levels of systems practitioners, software developers, program managers, and company management.