BAECSBachelor of Arts in English and Communication Studies
BAECSBachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies
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The plasmids were transfected together with the pRSV-[beta]-gal plasmid into BAECs by using Lipofectamine 2000.
The cell cultures were conducted using bovine aortic endothelial cells (BAECs).
BAECs were first cultivated in a 75 [cm.sup.2] flask (cat.
One drop of 50 iL containing 85,000 BAECs was deposited on each sample (0.2 [cm.sup.2] to obtain a cell dentity of 425,000 cells/[cm.sup.2]) previously wetted with PBS (to avoid protein deposition) and was placed in a 48-well plate (#3548, Corning).
The BAECs exhibited a similar pattern of proliferation, with a global increase in cell number over time.
Therefore, despite a better proliferation rate, it can be concluded that the PET textile structures studied here failed to provide an appropriate proliferation environment for BAECs, when compared to the PET films.
Therefore, our data allows us to conclude that PET textiles are better promoters of BAEC adherence when compared to a flat PET film.
mRNA and protein expression, and gelatinase activity in BAECs.
resonance studies indicate that BAECs chronically grown in high-glucose