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BAELBéton Armé aux Etats Limites (French: State Reinforced Concrete Limit; construction regulation)
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Therefore, we also hypothesize the in vivo antiobesity activity of bael fruit may be due to the anti-adipogenic effects.
However, in at least one experimental study the authors used procedural controls (Van Bael & Brawn 2005).
Dignitaries scheduled to attend the event include Philippine Consul General Edwin Bael and his wife, Betty Bael.
Albert Bael said the Social Action, Justice and Peace Center in Dipolog was seeking a lawyer to represent the Subanen in filing a case against Philippine National Police Major Petronilo Ochotorena.
For scriptural teaching and rational argument acting together to illuminate the oneness of the Self are able to show it clearly, like a bael fruit on the palm of one's hand.
A vehicle's ride and handling performance are among the top influencers in consumer buying decisions," said Karel Van Bael, vice president and general manager, Europe original equipment ride control.
Bael said WODP serves as a mechanism in strengthening trade unions and other workers organizations and provides an opportunity for systemic learning and growth aiming at greater productivity, prosperity and welfare to the employer, workers organization and its members and their dependents.
Medella is a premium food label that specializes in production and manufacture of a varied range of specialty products made from nutritious ingredients like amla, bael, jamun, wheat grass, bottle gourd and bitter gourd.
The opening performance by Satori Circus welcomes designer Stein Van Bael, sponsored by real estate agent LIZ IN DETROIT.