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BAELBéton Armé aux Etats Limites (French: State Reinforced Concrete Limit; construction regulation)
BAELBurned Area Emergency Response Leader (various organizations)
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Fruits treated with bael extracts @ 50 per cent concentration had a mean spoilage percentage of 6.
David Hull is a partner at Van Bael & Bellis, a Brussels firm focused on EU competition and trade law.
Por lo anterior, creemos que es el hombre quien ha transportado las cotorras y se han dado liberaciones o escapes posteriores geograficamente separados de cotorras cautivas en estas tres ciudades del sur de la peninsula, tal como se ha reportado ocurre en EUA (Van Bael & Pruett-Jones 1996).
In some studies, oral as well as intraperitoneal administration of the aqous extract of bael fruit also exhibited hypoglycemic effect against streptozocin induced diabetic rats.
The Life Tree motifs at the four corners can sometimes be quite clearly identified with kadamba flower-heads, swirling pipal leaves, or the trifoliate leaves of bilva or bael (Aegle marmelos) associated with Lord Shiva.
The Jalal-Abad region vice governor handed over 25,000 som to 7-year-old resident of Zardaly village Bael Isakov, who was injured in mine explosion, in aid from President Atambayev.
Ivo Van Bael & Jean-Francois Bellis, Competition Law of the European Community, Kluwer Law International, Alphen aan den Rijn, Holanda (2010).
Yu'un bayel klo'oj nutsel me tey ya xboon ae, awil x-ochon bael, ora xjamot puertae, X'Ochonbael, awilxk'otmejnutsawe, awilxlok'ixtalamewardiae, xjapuyotixtal ta chikotelaja.
According to biologists at CEMDE, curry leaf tree, lemon and other citrus fruits, asclepias or milk weed varieties, ageratum also called white weed, nerium and bael tree attract maximum number of butterflies.
Bael (wood apple) and rose sherbet, lemonade, mintade, m panna, barley or chana sattoo, jeera-hing lassi, smoothies, kokum water, thandai, litchi juice, jamun juice, cucumber and mint soup and camomile tea are some great summer coolers.
Squad: Goalkeepers: Faiz Al Rashidi, Mazin Al Qasbi, Bilal Mohammed; Defenders: Sd Suhail, Ali Salem, Nazeer Al Maskari, Hassan Mudhafar, Jaber Al Owaisi, Mohammed Al Mosalmi, Abdul Rahman Saleh, Bael Al Rawahi, Basem Al Rogibi; Midfielders: Ali Al Jabri, Raid Saleh, Eid Al Farsi, Mohammed Al Mashiri, Abdullah Nooh, Qasim Said Juma Darwish, Fahad Al Galbobi, Hatem Al Hamhami, Mohammed Al Habsi, Yahia Said; Strikers: Yaqoob Abdul Kareem, Abdulah Saleh, Hussain Al Hadri, Mohammed Al Gassani, Mohammed Al Siabi, Hasan Rabe'ea.