BAENBay Area Equestrian Network (California)
BAENBiological and Agricultural Engineering (various universities)
BAENBiosystems and Agricultural Engineering
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Baen helped Daniel to gain her initial interview with Cheryl Pucci, Vice President at United Dominion Residential Communities.
Baen, who this fall welcomed 500 students to his courses, described Daniel as the perfect property management candidate because she was interested in all related and non-related subjects and classes at UNT.
Jim Baen started his career in publishing in the complaints department of Ace Books.
Jim Baen was a personal and vocal champion of unencrypted ebooks.
Great books written by great storytellers are the secret to creating lifetime readers, and Baen Books, with a special list on its website (http://www.
Baen Books has over 50 million copies in print and for 25 years has been publishing the best in fantasy and science fiction.
Simultaneous publication with Baen Books hardcover release And on Halloween:
We ship select Baen books and CDs to every surface ship and submarine in the U.
Baen has shipped 5,000 books, and accompanying CD-ROMs this year alone (target for next year: 10,000) as part of the program.
Baen attributes much of his success to his "small shop, where people come to play.
Contrary to popular opinion, but with over 20 years of publishing experience to back him up, Jim Baen has always believed he can lure new readers by giving away his backlist -- and now, with this innovative approach, he can give away everything