BAEOBlack Alliance for Educational Options
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Indeed the central role of churches in African-American communities helps explain not only Commander Ervin's success in facilitating the WSC prayer vigils, but also the seemingly inconsistent litigation positions of the NAACP in Lemon on the one hand, and the BAEO and NAACP in Zelman on the other.
Leaders from the National Urban League, the NAACP, and other anti-voucher black organizations have voiced similar concerns about BAEO.
BAEO was an exception, but its efforts were aimed more at recruiting students and parents to testify at the committee hearing than at organizing public rallies.
BAEO, for example, organizes school tours for prospective families.
5 million to BAEO, $900,000 to HCREO, and $750,000 to GEO.
The BAEO bills itself as a grassroots coalition of African American leaders, though it is bankrolled by several small foundations known better for supporting school privatization schemes and affirmative action rollbacks than empowering African Americans (the John Walton and the Walton Family Foundation, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, American Education Reform Council, and Milton and Rose D.
This successful program is an educational lifeline to parents and children in New Orleans," said Shree Medlock, director of Louisiana BAEO.
Stand for Children, Parent Revolution, FES, BAEO, Democracy Builders,
Howard Fuller, the national board chair of BAEO, says he met Booker some seven years ago when he gave a talk at the North Star Academy charter school in Newark.
15, Department of Education Undersecretary Gene Hickok said the BAEO would receive a $600,000 grant to develop "an intense public information campaign" to inform parents about "choices" available under the Bush education plan passed by Congress in 2001.
In Philadelphia, Darlene Callands of BAEO has had a more difficult time mobilizing charter school parents because "they are very comfortable and complacent around charter schools.
So said Fuller, who is also the founder of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, at a 2001 BAEO conference.