BAEOBlack Alliance for Educational Options
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About BAEO BAEO is a national, nonpartisan, education advocacy organization whose mission is to increase access to high-quality educational options for Black children by actively supporting transformational education reform initiatives and parental choice policies that empower low-income and working-class Black families.
We're excited to bring yet another year of exciting general and current sessions that will help participants bring high-quality educational options to low-income and working-class families in their communities," said BAEO Interim President, Jacqueline Cooper.
BAEO was an exception, but its efforts were aimed more at recruiting students and parents to testify at the committee hearing than at organizing public rallies.
I don't think he has any orthodox views either way," says Howard Fuller of BAEO.
According to a press statement released by the agency, BAEO will use the taxpayer money to launch a "full-scale media campaign" that will "use direct mail, television, radio, newspapers, the Internet and door-to-door visits.
The American Federation for Children-the nation's voice for school choice, and a strong and unwavering BAEO ally-strongly condemned the remarks from the Louisiana Federation for Teachers (LFT), which appeared in a message posted on the official LFT Twitter page early this morning.
So said Fuller, who is also the founder of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, at a 2001 BAEO conference.
Paige praised BAEO for its work, saying, "The more liberty we give to parents, the more they will understand and value it.
Although BAEO is actually a tiny front group operating out of Marquette University and unrepresentative of the thinking of most civil rights leaders, many unwary reporters have bought the line that black families have given up on public schools and now favor taxpayer-subsidized tuition at private schools instead.
Among his many accomplishments at BAEO, Robinson fought successfully in several states to expand charter schools and to ensure that all children, particularly those children from low-income families, have equal access to the schools of their choice, including private schools.
Howard Fuller, BAEO President Gerard Robinson, and education reform leader Darrell Allison.
Charter Schools Advocate Heading to BAEO To Spearhead Outreach to Elected Officials