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BAFCBlack Audio Film Collective (est. 1982; UK)
BAFCBritish Airways Flying Club (UK)
BAFCBryn Athyn Fire Company (Bryn Athyn, PA)
BAFCBurton Albion Football Club (UK)
BAFCBlame America First Crowd
BAFCBarrow Associated Football Club
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Carmaran & Romero (1992) y Carmaran (2002) identificaron el material correspondiente a BAFC 32456 y BAFC 34625, como Diatrype flavovirens.
Whatever the size of picture or artwork BAFC can frame it professionally, directly to each customer's instructions.
The exhibition marks the largest collection of BAFC work ever put into one gallery.
22, 2012 (the Upsize Closing Date), BAFC 2012-R5 purchased an additional $241.
While the class A-1 notes are currently benefiting from excess spread, distributions to parties or classes other than the class A-1 notes represent diversion of the cash flows provided by the RMBS portfolio that do not benefit BAFC 2012-R4.
Se analizaron los materiales identificados como Mycena leaiana depositados en los herbarios BAFC y CTES (Thiers, 2015).
While mindful of the potential co-optation attending Channel 4's sponsorship, BAFC exploited the opportunity for their own radical ends, addressing, among other subjects, the postcolonial decline of empire and the devastating effects of Thatcherite economic policies on urban Britain.
Borrowings by BLFC, BFE, and BAFC carry full, unconditional guarantees by Bunge Limited, the parent corporation.
Tambien se estudiaron especimenes de Buenos Aires, Entre Rios y Misiones (Argentina) depositados en BAFC, FH, IMI, LIL, LPS, S y WSP (Holmgren et al.
Group 8 is a resecuritization of approximately 100% interest in the BAFC 2006-J, class 4-A-2.
A los directores de los herbarios BAFC, LIL, LPS; BPI, ICN, NY, PC, PDD, por el prestamo de los materiales para su estudio.