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BAFFB-Cell-Activating Factor (biology)
BAFFBündnis Aktiver Fußballfans (organisation of German soccer fans against racism)
BAFFBritish Armed Forces Federation
BAFFBusto Arsizio Film Festival (Italy)
BAFFBureau des Affaires Francophones et Francophiles (Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs)
BAFFBoulder Asian Film Festival (Boulder, CO)
BAFFBoulder Adventure Film Festival (Colorado)
BAFFBest Awesome Friend Forever
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Human neutrophils are also a significant source of B-cell activating factor (BAFF) and APRIL (a proliferation-inducing ligand), which are cytokines that influence the survival, maturation, and differentiation of B cells (7).
"Gel Spa is doing so well in the UK but 'Gelli Baff' ('Squidgy Baff' in the USA and Canada) are doing better abroad.
While audiences are sure to devour the offerings on the Pillow's three stages, Baff is excited about the audience-building potential of "our fourth venue": cyberspace.
A recently completed phase II trial of belimumab, an antibody against BAFF, has demonstrated promising activity, and additional agents antagonizing BAFF and the related cytokine APRIL are in various stages of development.
Hutin et al., "Aberrant expression of BAFF by B lymphocytes infiltrating the salivary glands of patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome," Arthritis and Rheumatism, vol.
Bickerstaff shot the film in ultra HD 4K, allowing his audience "unprecedented up-close access," as BAFF's synopsis puts it, to the artist's work.
While work is still ongoing on this year's showcase, Kate reveals: "We are looking at a lot more interactive pop-up events and, with it being 10 years of the BRASS festival (the celebration of the county's music culture and tradition) we are going to inject a bit of brass into BAFF.
Molecular and functional characterization of BAFF from the Yangtze alligator (Alligator sinensis, Alligatoridae).
According to him, these terrorists are not terrorists but are actually peaceful beings with peaceful intentions, coming only and always in peace to ensure that everybody had swept their compounds clean and put the rubbish in borla-borla, and that everybody has baff well, well, and has scrubbed their armpits and thigh pits well, well to make them shine like the morning sun.
More obscure Scots words to make the grade include baff (slipper), bauchle (old shoe), bealach (narrow mountain pass), bowf (stink), eeksie-peeksie (evenly balanced), hee-haw (nothing) and rooked (penniless).
In contrast, withholding methotrexate didn't affect the vaccine response in patients with low or normal baseline BAFF (Ann Rheum Dis.
Association of serum B cell activating factor from the tumour necrosis factor family (BAFF) and a proliferation--inducing ligand (APRIL) with central nervous system and renal disease in systemic lupus erythematosus.