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BAFIABanking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (Malaysia)
BAFIABureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants' Affairs (Iran)
BAFIABank and FInancial Institution Act (Nepal)
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Larval development sites of mosquitoes were investigated in four districts in Yaounde (Gare, Cite Verte, Brasseries, and Biyemassi), four districts in Douala (Dibom, New Bell, Bonaberi, and Makepe), and three districts in Edea and Bafia.
albopictus was found in five breeding sites in Edea and seven in Bafia (Table).
Acquisition topographic and computer equipment for 10 Departmental Delegations of MINDCAF : Vina ( Ngaoundere) ; Lekie ( Monatele ) ; Mbam and Inoubou ( Bafia ) ; Lom and Djerem ( Bertoua ) ; Mezam ( Bamenda ) ; Mifi ( Bafoussam ) ; Mvila ( Ebolowa ) ; Ocean ( Kribi ) ; Fako ( Limbe ) ; and Grandma ( Kumba ) .
BAFIA Director General Mohammad Tahavori said at a press conference that the current donations by international bodies to Afghan refugees did not meet their needs.
In addition, Driving Revenue CTO and Co-Founder, Jack Bafia, will join the VigLink team in San Francisco.
We are proud of what we were able to accomplish in building Driving Revenue to our position in the market, and are excited to become part of the VigLink organization," according to Bafia.
The First Deputy Mayor of the Bafia Council, Iroume a Rikam Paul Marie said the project is an alternative to two major problems in the municipality.
The project is an step ahead of the NGO GIC Le Vert in partnership with the Bafia Council and the World Bank.