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BAFOBest And Final Offer
BAFOBritish Air Forces of Occupation (UK)
BAFOBritish Association of Forensic Odontology (UK)
BAFOBase Accounting & Finance Office
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These requirements of the funding contributors--as well as the intentions of the private sector partner as detailed in the BAFO bid--were eventually entrenched in the official contract document that formalized the P3 arrangement (RAV Project Management Ltd.
As an introductory offer BAFO is offering Ingram Micro's Canadian resellers a USD15 mail-in rebate until 16 April 2010 on the latest BAFO Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7.
138) The district court reasoned that the SLA's inclusion within the initial competitive range, and subsequent request for the SLA's BAFO, implied that the SLA's offer had a reasonable chance of receiving award.
Following the Source Selection Authority's (SSA) assessment of the six proposals received in response to the third BAFO solicitation, the contract for these three remaining production lots was awarded to Tracor.
At press time the BAFO release date was pushed back to March 13.
One other comment: Reverse auctioning is a great substitute to be used in lieu of the BAFO (now final proposal revision) process, once all discussions are complete.
BAFO Technologies, a manufacturer and distributor of computer peripherals, debuted an innovative Messenger Call Box (MCB) at CES 2004 in Las Vegas, NV, earlier this month which garnered rave reviews from conference attendees.
The resident DCAA auditor was given the FY 1988 BAFO, which described the method of pricing and the CMP buy of materials that had been ordered and confirmed.
Beperkt dossier voor het indienen van een BAFO raamcontract met 1 leverancier voor de realisatie digitale werkplek (intranet).
1 The Contractor shall provide Goods and Services (hereinafter Services ), and other deliverables in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract and the following Exhibits, which are attached to this Contract and incorporated as part of this Contract: Exhibit A: Contract Affidavit Exhibit B: Request for Proposal dated (Enter RFP Date) and all amendments and exhibits thereto (collectively referred to as the RFP ) Exhibit C: Contractors Proposal dated (Enter Contractors Proposal Date) and any subsequent BAFO dated (Enter BAFO Date) (collectively referred to as the Proposal ) 1.
For purposes of this RFP, the following definitions apply: (a) Acceptable Quality Level - The level of performance of requested services below which the contract will not be paid or damages may be assessed; (b) Addendum - A modification of the specifications issued by TAMU-CC and distributed to prospective Respondents prior to the opening of bids; (c) Best and Final Offer ( BAFO )- A formal request made to selected Respondents for revisions to the originally submitted Proposal; (d) Contract The contract awarded as a result of this RFP and all exhibits thereto.