BAFSBusiness, Accounting and Financial Studies (Hong Kong)
BAFSBangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited (Thailand)
BAFSBritish Ahwazi Friendship Society (British-Iranian human rights group; UK)
BAFSBachelor of Actuarial and Financial Studies (various universities)
BAFSBiologically Active Food Supplement (nutrition)
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According to London-based consultant Drewry, the BAFs shippers will face from container lines "will soar between 4Q19 and 1Q20 first and will be very volatile in the first half of 2020."
HOWEVER, Montes and BAFS Senior Science Research Specialist Vera Ysabel V.
After being retained, Masuku commended BAFS clubs for having continued to show confidence in his leadership, assuring the society that like it had done during its previous tenure, his committee would continue its efforts to develop the code and make it a sporting code of choice.
To explain how we arrived at this value, it is first necessary to define BAF and PAF.
As no index is adequate for all situations, our objective has to be modest, which is to avoid the most severe paradoxes, abnormalities and other known deficiencies, by recommending the best available for a situation (BAFS).
The genotypic variability in accumulation of heavy metals emerges more clearly when considering BAF. BAFs for algal species inhabiting the clean site (S1) show that Cyst.
The 526-dimensional feature set is constructed by the above three features' extraction, which are BAFS (430), MSCC (84), and CF(12).
Works subsequent to the day of the BAFS were written to its template, though Williamson does not cover this part of the history; and the template influenced critical definitions of the field, which he does address, briefly (5, 8).
BAFS' Standards Development Division chief Lara Navarro said the country needs GAP because "food safety is the language of the trade.
All of the BAFs have obviously biological effect with activated carbon as carrier.
As one black marketer, Kurtz, informs him: "we sell cigarettes and exchange schillings for bafs and that kind of thing" (37).