BAFSBangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited (Thailand)
BAFSBritish Ahwazi Friendship Society (British-Iranian human rights group; UK)
BAFSBachelor of Actuarial and Financial Studies (various universities)
BAFSBiologically Active Food Supplement (nutrition)
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Defining most of this work by the terms of the BAFS template is also retroactive, even though those terms are not strictly inaccurate.
Depending on exact definition, Williamson identifies the first modern English novel actually fitting the BAFS template as either The Adventures of Eovaai by Eliza Haywood (1736) or Phantasmion by Sara Coleridge (1837), both obscure works unmentioned by and possibly unknown to Carter (51-52, 86-87).
Its ensuing popularity outstripped that of its new peers and demonstrated a market for literary fantasy, which initiated the BAFS and established the fantasy publishing genre.
BAFS can be used also as chronic disease prophylactics.
In various countries BAFS are used by half the population.
Actually you can use BAFS and bring all necessary elements to your organism, but only if you don't eat junk food all the time.
Myth 2 All BAFS are made on the basis of natural components.
Limited Exposure to Oil Prices: BAFS is insulated from the volatility of fuel prices as its revenues are derived solely from fuelling service fees, while fuel is sold by oil companies to airlines.
0x at end-2016, although the financial leverages of BAFS and BTSG are likely to rise over the next three years due to large investment plans.