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BAFTBankers' Association for Finance and Trade
BAFTBankers' Association for Foreign Trade (American Bankers Association)
BAFTBi-Angular Fiber Technology (fishing rod manufacturing)
BAFTBureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco
BAFTBritish Airways Flight Training (UK)
BAFTBayerischer Verband Freier Theater eV
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We have since seen program graduates advance important industry issues both within their own organizations and through BAFT.
Lastly, we expected that the DAS-R would show medium to strong correlations with the AAQ-II and BAFT because psychological inflexibility strongly correlated with the DAS in previous research (Cristea, Montgomery, Szamoskozi, & David, 2013; Ruiz & Odriozola-Gonzalez, in press).
We translated the BAFT into Spanish following the recommendations proposed by Muniz and Hambleton (1996).
Sometimes you wish that these issues were actually discussed: the fact that headless, legless bodies were found among the eighty-three people burned in the fire; the fact that over half the Davidians were black, Hispanic or Asian; the strong evidence that at least some slain BAFT agents were killed by `friendly' fire.
According to BAFT, China imported 97,000 firearms into the United States in 1992.
Similar to other BAFT regional councils, the group will aggregate common issues and collaborate on thought leadership, solutions to shared challenges, and policy advocacy on behalf of the industry.
Bascom said, 'Representing BAFT under any circumstances would be an honour, but it's particularly gratifying given the importance of trade finance services in the current economic climate.
Europe's largest banqueting space and venue for high profile events including the BAFT As - and elegant Ballroom have been redecorated.
PIPPED for the top spot in the Hot 100 list for the second consecutive year, the 27-year-old BAFT A winning Glaswegian starred in The Last King Of Scotland as Idi Amin's physician.
As anticipation mounts as to Heath Ledger's chances of picking up the Best Actor gongs at the BAFT As and Oscars for his powerhouse performance as a tortured gay cowpoke in Brokeback Mountain, along comes this decidedly lighter outing to serve reminder of his comedic skills.
Commercial Bank also supports and participates in the activities of annual conferences of other global trade and development institutions such as the ICC Banking Commission, BAFT, Institute of International Finance, International Finance Corporation, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank and Arab Trade Finance Programme.