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BAGELBay Area Gnu Enthusiasts League
BAGELBayesian Analysis of Gene Expression Level (genome biology)
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Like all Canyon Bakehouse products, the new bagels are made with whole grains, are Certified Gluten-Free and Kosher, and are free from dairy, soy, nuts (peanut and tree nuts), casein and sesame.
Montreal bagels, Bagel Makers from Cleveland to Melbourne, and Israel's Beigale Scene" at.
We're celebrating National Bagel Day on 2/9 by showing our #1 fans some fresh-baked love with a free bagel & shmear," wrote the bagel company with many locations.
While you can't go wrong with an American classic - a Rainbow Bagel sliced in half and smothered in peanut butter and jelly.
NY Bagel Cafe is known for its Real NY Bagels baked fresh daily in each location across the country.
Ever the pitchman, he traveled throughout the United States marketing Lender's Frozen Bagels at a time when many consumers were largely unfamiliar with the ethnic bread product.
Trillin attempts to figure out the story of the lost bagel of his youth:
The Bagel Bar offers a healthier option to the standard sandwich.
The bagel plays various roles in Jewish life, the author tells us.
But we found a bagel that's so good, it deserves to come up from the grocery store ranks and compete in the bigs.
Made to an original recipe, the Bagel Bars are made using wheat bran that is low in saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium and a seed mix, which is rich in protein.
The dreaded double bagel (6-0 6-0) is a dream scenario for sellers in total games markets, with it resulting in a maximum make-up, but a nightmare result for buyers, while matches involving bagel sets are often won by big or small margins and therefore game supremacy make-ups can deviate widely from where spread firms pitched their quotes.