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BAHBasic Allowance for Housing (replaced BAQ 1 Jan 98)
BAHBusiness After Hours
BAHBooz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
BAHBoard of Animal Health
BAHBahrain, Bahrain - Bahrain International Bahrain (Airport Code)
BAHBelles Autos d'Hier (French: Beautiful Cars of Yesterday; Québec, Canada)
BAHBundesverband der Arzneimittel-Hersteller eV
BAHBachelor of Arts, Honors program
BAHBritish Airways Holidays (British Airways; UK)
BAHBachna Ae Haseeno (Bollywood film)
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The merger allows BAH to continually meet its goal of providing the real estate community the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a title company, with the knowledge and backing of attorneys.
Reservists affected by this requirement must provide the document --marriage license and birth certificate(s)--that is the basis for their BAH entitlement.
Bah said he was most frustrated by the feeling that Lebanese tend to assume that Syrians were unsophisticated.
Bah and Nasr are currently picking out the songs which they'd like to turn into music videos.
I declined a position in Hisham Kandil's cabinet as he belonged to the Brotherhood, I contributed to founding a political party [Egyptian Social Democratic Party] that countered their policies," Bah al-Din said, stressing that he never concluded a secret deal with them, in response to accusations of collaborating with them.
We are not under the extreme stress that the previous government found itself in," Bah El Din told a conference in London.
BAH celebrated long and hard into the night, but for RAIN it was just another day of the usual slog from dawn to night, sweeping, cleaning, labouring, serving.
Mansour's media advisor Ahmed al-Muslimani said that the president is considering potential prime ministerial candidates in Bah Eldin and ElBaradei and the decision will be announced on Monday.
Consultations are still going on, but Bah Edin and ElBaradei are the nearest candidates to the posts, he said.
Le ministre des Ressources hydrauliques et de l'Irrigation, Mohamed Bah Eddine a declare que l'Egypte ne cederait pas a une goutte d'eau de son quota, soulignant que le pays fait face a un deficit hydrique.
Mike from Lessons added: "We took NSR's epic punk rock tune Alcohol - stripped it back, swung it, added some 'bah bah bahs' and re-invented it as a slightly psychedelic Kinks-style jam.
And Annas Bah, 34, from Manchester, was jailed for three years and banned from holding directorships for seven years.