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BAHABone-Anchored Hearing Aid (trademark of Entific Medical Systems AB, Gothenburg, Sweden)
BAHABerkeley Architectural Heritage Association (est. 1974; Berkeley, CA)
BAHABritish Activity Holiday Association
BAHABritish Alliance of Healing Associations (UK)
BAHABay Area Homeless Alliance (California)
BAHABozeman Amateur Hockey Association (Bozeman, MT)
BAHABureau of Alien Human Affairs (webcast)
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BAHAs are conduction hearing systems which can help people with hearing loss due to problems affecting the middle ear.
Before BAHAs the closest device of its kind was a hearing aid.
de Wolf, and colleagues at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, obtained information about 31 children who were current BAHA users.
The BAHA, Entific's implanted hearing device that works through direct bone conduction, is a safe and proven solution for people who have conductive hearing loss.
Mr Ian Johnson, Consultant ENT Surgeon and Director of Newcastle's BAHA Centre explains: "Bone conduction hearing systems allow us to help patients who cannot use conventional hearing aids.
Ian Johnson, consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon and director of Newcastle BAHA Centre, said: "Bone conduction hearing systems allow us to help patients who cannot be treated with traditional hearing aids.
This is also proved by the fact that when King Siddhinarsmha Malla of Patan gathered the representatives of the fifteen bahas to reorganise the rules and regulations of Buddhist bahas.