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* Bahm, 35 years as an FA with First Mid-America, Lehman Brothers, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley.
Elias Church in Kafr Bahm, where he later met families of martyrs and offered them condolences.
The effect of tebuthiuron on total yield also varied among trials, and the magnitudes of the responses may have been influenced by differences in burn regimes (Bahm et al, 2011; Bouressa et al., 2010; Masters et al., 1992).
We assumed median OH and [O.sub.3] concentrations of 2x[10.sup.6] molecules (radicals)/c[m.sup.3] per 12 hours of daylight and 7x[10.sup.11] [molecules/cm.sup.3] per day, respectively, and based on the range of typical annual oxidant concentration estimates in sub-tropical and temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere (~ 15 to 60q N) and different altitudes (regional environment has a height of 1 km) (Atkinson and Arey 2003; Bahm and Khalil 2004), we assigned Cfs of 10 and 30 to the OH and [O.sub.3] half-lives, respectively.
Bahm, Axiology: The Science of Values (Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi, 1993), and its useful bibliography on various aspects of the subject.
In fact, however, Hegel's explanations of general system features are at least as specified as numerous early definitions from system theory, whether Bahm's characterization of systems as quite generally involving "a unity or wholeness of some sort that holds its parts together," (24) Bertalannfy's view that they are "a set of elements standing in interrelations," or Hall's and Fagen's view that they are "a set of objects together with relationships between the objects and between their attributes." (25) Further, Hegel clearly shared the methodological considerations that Rapports thinks define the discipline: "General system theory subsumes an outlook or a methodology rather than a theory in the sense ascribed to this term in science.
Grammatophyllum NE Botanic Gardens, Pulau Ubin, speciosum Bukit Batok Nature Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Fort Canning Park, Labrador Park, Orchard Boulevard, Holland Road, Tiong Bahm Park, Mandai Road, Kentridge Park, Sembawang Park, Woodland Town Garden, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Cluny Road, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.
"Broadcom's new DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS chipset enables cable operators to cost effectively upgrade their headend equipment to manage faster line speeds for interactive services requiring symmetrical upstream and downstream bandwidth," said Ernie Bahm, Senior Director, CMTS Product Marketing for Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group.
Little research has examined the relationship between stress and body image, a surprising gap because many young adults struggle with this issue (Cullari, Rohrer, & Bahm, 1998; Davison & McCabe, 2006; Felsten & Wilcox, 1992; Sher, Wood, & Gotham, 1996).
GreenPoint Construction Demolition Processing Center is a subsidiary of Bahm Demolition Inc., which also owns and operates Bahm Construction Inc.
A young Thai girl called Bahm was my personal masseuse.