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BAHOBarnet African Health Organisation (UK; Barnet College minority health and employment advocacy group; founded 1996)
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En los perfiles P8 (El Baho, no mostrado) y P13 (FIGURA 3) no se obtienen anomalias de radon que senalen la presencia de la falla justo en la base del lomo.
However, Baho said he had seen the cleanliness of the various restaurants in the area and was confident that Roadster's food was clean.
PERSONAJE BREVE APUNTE BIOGRAFICO Zalema el Baho, Repartidor de los servicios, tuvo funciones despues don Alonso de control fiscal desde la con quista hasta Belvis el Baho.
At present, Allwood Trading Company operates in partnership with BAHO, a regional distributor of whitewood; and Ziegler Timber Industries, a large-scale manufacturer that processes logs into precision cut swan timber.
Abdul Nabi Wadan Director Education of the province in provincial capital Qalat told Pajhwok Afghan News the heinous act was carried out in Baho area of Bolan in Seyora district of the province last night.
BALLET GOOD SHOW: Dancers in Akram Khan's Baho at the Liverpool Playhouse
Typical dishes are tortillas, enchiladas, nacatamales (meat and vegetables), mondongo (tripe and beef knuckles), and baho.
Pakning Minas, Duri, Lalang, -- Peudada, Lirik -- Musi Minas, Duri, ALC Ramba, Jane Cilacap Minas, Duri, Arjuna, ALC Handil, Walio, Badak // Balikpapan Tanjung, Handil, Tapis Sepinggan, Bekapai, (Malaysia) Attaka, Badak, Jabim & Cooper Madura Lalang, Basin Sangata Minas, (Australia), Sarir Arjuna, Kakap, (Libya) Belida, Biduri Nanhai & Xijiang (China), Nigeria Brass & Pennington (Negeria), Baho (Vietnam), Arabian Superlight & Sahara Blend (Middle East) Exor I Balongan Dur, Minas -- Kasim Walio Mixed -- Cepu -- -- Total Oil Refinery Install Capacity (MBSD)(*) 1998 1999 Pangkalan Brandan 5.
Hesitant at first, Panganiban told him 'Kasi ang baho, amoy yosi na 'yung mukha ko, eh.
In second accident Zeeshan and Rana Khalid were injured when their bikes collided with each others at Khushab road near Haq Baho Colony.
Tenders are invited for Macadamization internal road of sub divisional HQ Sankoo In Link Road Power House to Imambada Khalamarpo n Banalsa to Balti Baho part 1st length 2300.
Having played host to the RC Baho XIII club earlier in the season, 33 Panthers players plus coaches, tour committee, parents and supporters, made the return trip to Perpignan.