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BAIDBilling Account Id
BAIDBachelor of Applied Interior Design (various schools)
BAIDBarrow Area Information Database
BAIDBioOne Abstracts and Indexes Database (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)
BAIDBay Area Ice Dancers (California)
BAIDBlind-Anchored Interference-mitigating Detector
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Bengaluru: The Baid family of four from Bengaluru, India set off on an epic journey on the silk route covering more than 50 cities and about 23,000 kms in their trusted family car.
Baid, qui vit en exil au Liban, poursuit sa campagne malgre la participation du Mouvement sudiste, divise entre separatistes et federalistes, au dialogue national, ouvert le 18 mars a San pour elaborer une nouvelle Constitution du Yemen, apres le depart, en fevrier 2012, sous la pression de la rue de l'ancien president Ali Abdallah Saleh.
Under the able guidance and leadership of RC Baid, they have expanded very aggressively in the Logistic segment and are undoubtedly amongst the top players.
8m/EUR36m) of outstanding BaIDS issued by Optimal Glycols and MYR185m of outstanding BaIDS issued by Optimal Chemicals.
Kolkata, West Bengal, February 17, 2011 /India PRwire/ - Baid Group, the Kolkata based diversified business conglomerate, today won the award for "Innovative Retailer of the Year'" at The 7th Asia Retail Congress Awards 2011.
The award winners included: Preksha Baid, director, Y- walls Design in design; Sanjay Garg, owner, Raw Mango in fashion; Magesh Kumar Gurumurthy, co- founder, IndianStage in performing arts; Leonard Fernandes, co- founder, CinnamonTeal Publishing in the category of publishing; Yugandhar Tammareddy, cofounder and director, Pixelloid Computer Services, in the category of screen; Sandeep Maheshwari, Owner, Mash Audio Visuals Ltd.
Rifaat said Murghestan, Pesh Poz, Sam Takhak, Deh Surkh, Char Deh, Baid Mushki, Gard Baid, Deh Tajikan and Dehn Keng villages are the worst-hit areas, where a number of houses were damaged, animals killed and farmland destroyed
In his speech calling for the two days of protests, Baid said: "I call on you .
The head of DHRS India support group, Rajendra Kumar Baid said that they are focussing on the improvement of the DHR services and betterment of the people along the DHR line.
Everson emphasizes the presence and significance of a continuing tradition in Italy of epic in Latin as well as the concept of imitatio, focusing her discussion on Virgil's Aeneid, Statius' The baid, Lucan's Pharsalia, and Ovid's Metamorphoses, works which, together with those by Livy, Sallust, and Homer, can be considered as "possible source models" (90) of authors of romance epics and which most probably provided the groundwork for Petrarch's Africa and Boccaccio's Teseida.
Dad-of-three Baid Tamoor, 34, climbed 15ft up scaffolding as the man prepared to jump off after tying a noose around his neck.
Baid notes that the growth in the diabetes population has brought with it an expansion in the insulin-taking segment.