BAIFBelarussian Association of International Forwarders (freight; Belarus)
BAIFBharatia Agro-Industries Foundation (India)
BAIFBile Acid-Independent Fraction
BAIFBoyer Allan India Fund, Inc. (hedge fund; India)
BAIFBile Acid-Independant Flow
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BAIF suggested cross breeding using Artificial Insemination (AI) technology to increase milk output through two ILDCs(Integrated Livestock Development Centres) atBhatisudnd Jhanjhakhedi villages of Ujjain district to provide doorstep artificial insemination services besides support providing services like deworming, mineral mixture and vaccination for dairy animals.
In the notes accompanying the odes Guillot identifies Second's significant debt to Horace, and also traces (as he does with the Basia) subsequent echoes of Second's Neo-Latin odes in French verse composed later in the century, including again that of Ronsard and Baif.
We jointly organized a one day workshop on Water in 2002 in cooperation with Vasundhara Society President, an active WILPF member, along with Baif and Environment Department of Government of India.
The BAIF reminds wholesalers and retailers that July 1st is the due date for special occupational taxes.
The Huelgas Ensemble here perform a wide range of Le Jeune's chansonettes and airs written in the homorhythmic note-against-note style associated with the classicizing poetic and prosodic doctrines of Jean-Antoine de Baif.
To this program Baif contributed two collections of Petrarchan sonnets and Epicurean lyrics, Les Amours de Meline (1552) and L'Amour de Francine (1555).
Inspired by the teaching of Jean Dorat at the Coll ege de Coqueret in Paris, Ronsard and his fellow - students Joachim Du Bellay and Jean Antoine de Baif conceived a new program for French poetry, which Du Bellay elaborated in the D efense et illustration de la langue francaise.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 8, 2015-RET Capital Buys California Wind Project from BAIF
52) Baif and Pierre de Ronsard both contributed verses to the Balet Comique, while Lambert de Beaulieu, who composed the music, was also a member of Baif's Academie.
Further, Ronsard's references to Bacchus in "La Lyre" recall his praise of this god in his "Dithyrambes" (1553) that Baif, Belleau, and Jodelle share: "J'entrevoy Bayf, et Remy .
These watershed investment activities will also build upon available best-practice models and the promising work of several NGOs in the state, which chiefly include the work of the Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) under the Indo-German Watershed Development Program, BAIF, AFARM, and MSSM.
Study of Les Plaisirs de la vie rustique considers the bucolic tradition and the contemporary development of the eclogue (Marot, Baif, and Ronsard are, unsurprisingly, important influences), as well as eliciting the deeper significance of the poem: 'ce poeme est un subtil melange de realisme politique et d'idealisme evangelique ou le lieu pacifique n'exclut pas la presence d'une nature menacante et des cataclysmes de l'Histoire' (p.