BAIFBile Acid-Independent Fraction
BAIFBharatia Agro-Industries Foundation (India)
BAIFBoyer Allan India Fund, Inc. (hedge fund; India)
BAIFBile Acid-Independant Flow
BAIFBelarussian Association of International Forwarders (freight; Belarus)
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Ronsard, Baif, Des Autels, Du Bellay, Belleau, Jodelle, Peletier du Mans, Grevin, D'Espinay, Beze, all cross Buttet's path, and Stacey demonstrates forcefully that, in these years, there is no poetic activity without a strong sense of group identity.
Paraphrase et exegese du Super flumina Babylonis au XVIIe siecle"; Stephane Mace, "Le psautier de Racan, labo-ratoire des formes"; Isabelle His and Jean Vignes, "Les paraphrases de psaumes de Baif, La Noue et d'Aubigne, mises en musique par Claude Le Jeune (1606): regards croises du musicologue et du litteraire"; Marc Desmet, "Les paraphrases d'un poete musicien: la Bible dans les Cantiques spirituels de Charles de Courbes (1622)"; Thierry Favier, "Entre priere et concert: les Psaumes a plusiers parties (ca.
The department has around 3500 AI centers and 1500 private AI centers in addition to around 1400 centers operated by OMFED and 100 centers by BAIF.
Poets such as Jean-Antoine de Baif, Olivier de Magny, Guillaume Aubert, and Charles Fontaine, among others, played a significant role in the composition of the CEuvres, which were edited by Jean de Tournes, then the most important editor in Lyon.
1468-1540), Lazarre de Baif (1485-1547), and Guillaume Postel (1510-81) provided the foundations for a more realistic understanding of the past.
Van Orden has used a wide range of sources, from musical compositions to military handbooks, visual evidence, and the writings of Guillaume de Baif and his fellow academicians.
47) In June 1544 he was hired as tutor to Jean-Antoine de Baif (1532-89) and Pierre de Ronsard, and after the death of his employer, Lazare de Baif, in 1547, he moved to a teaching post at the College de Coqueret, where Joachim Du Bellay also became one of his pupils.
Kushner chronicles Tyard's talents in theology, music, science, and mathematics, which he shared with numerous contemporaries, including Peletier du Mans, Baif, Montaigne, Du Bellay, and Ronsard.
Competing translations of Anacreontic 22 by Ronsard, Belleau, and Baif provide a basis for stylistic comparison.
Yates has demonstrated at length the influence on Beaujoyeulx of the Academie de poesie et de musique, which was organized in 1570 by Jean Antoine de Baif and Joachim Thibault de Courville and was intended to restore the rhythms of ancient prosody and music in contemporaneous France.
Huppert links Belon to Lazare de Baif, father of the poet Jean-Antoine; Jean-Antoine and the college of his tutor, Jean Dorat, are connected in turn to a host of others, among them Estienne Pasquier.