BAIFBelarussian Association of International Forwarders (freight; Belarus)
BAIFBharatia Agro-Industries Foundation (India)
BAIFBile Acid-Independent Fraction
BAIFBoyer Allan India Fund, Inc. (hedge fund; India)
BAIFBile Acid-Independant Flow
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This author visited the BAIF headquarters in Pune, Maharahstra.
Rahibai said, "My association with BAIF officials began in 2014, when they visited our area with the objective to conserve and revive crop diversity, scientific studies for morphological and nutritional aspects and community seed bank and seed production.
1, BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune, India, 1998, in Pune, India (Edited by.
BAIF suggested cross breeding using Artificial Insemination (AI) technology to increase milk output through two ILDCs(Integrated Livestock Development Centres) atBhatisudnd Jhanjhakhedi villages of Ujjain district to provide doorstep artificial insemination services besides support providing services like deworming, mineral mixture and vaccination for dairy animals.
At slaughter, a container was adopted to collect the blood when exsanguination with conventional humane procedures was used to kill the lambs: the lambs were euthanized by inhalation of C[O.sub.2] (99.99%, Beijing AP BAIF Gases Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing, China) via a canine anesthesia mask connected to a gas cylinder equipped with a flow controller.
Baif Mohamed, dans une conference de presse, a rappele que l'Ansej ne cesse de se mobiliser pour aider les jeunes de la wilaya a sortir de leur isolement pour les integrer dans le marche du travail et en faire des chefs d'entreprise.
Tu n' esprouves (Baif) d'un maistre rigoureux Le severe sourcy: mais la doulce rudesse D'une belle, courtoise, & gentile maistresse.
Of these twenty or so published plays, some are translations of Roman plays, like Baif's Le brave, and some are near translations of sixteenth-century Italian commedie erudite, like all nine of Larivey's.
Locations where the survey was conducted Location State District MIU I Maharashtra Pune BAIF II Maharashtra Pune Uplift III Bihar Patna NIDAN Bihar Vaishali NIDAN Bihar Khagaria NIDAN Bihar Muzaffarpur NIDAN Bihar Nawada NIDAN Bihar Begusarai NIDAN IV Tamil Nadu Teni UHAN V Tamil Nadu Chennai VHS Location Households Rural Urban Insured Uninsured Total I 708 349 359 708 II 700 347 353 700 III 160 80 80 160 80 80 180 89 91 100 50 50 40 20 20 60 30 30 700 IV 722 360 362 722 V 701 350 351 701 MIV, microhealth insurance unit Table II.
In: Renewable Energy and Environment, BAIF Development Research Foundation, Bombay.