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The BAIP model that evolved from these principles consists of 276 lessons for grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and high school.
The BAIP lesson design is based on five frameworks that are essential for effective learning: Contextual, Teaching, Lesson, Application, and Extensions.
BAIP provides teachers with all the materials necessary to perform these three steps, including practice sheets and a grading rubric to be used with the open-ended validation questions.
The intent of the BAIP student tutorials is to help students understand the skills and concepts required to achieve the indicators associated with standards.
BAIP moves well beyond prescribing the same general instruction to all students based on the erroneous assumption that all students missed the same item for the same reason.
Throughout, BAIP underscores the importance of data-based decision making on the part of teachers.
Lessons Learned During the Development and Beta Testing of of BAIP
The staff of the e-Learning Design Lab (eDL) at the University of Kansas, where the design, development, and production of BAIP occurred, along with the management of the beta test, is experienced in developing large-scale online resources for practicing teachers as well as teacher education.
The classroom teachers on the writing teams, while knowledgeable about the lesson design features, were not experienced in writing lessons in the detail required by the instructional design for BAIP lessons.
BAIP and GlassHouse will jointly continue to deliver consulting through BAIP's existing sales and services organisations and will complement the extensive IT infrastructure services offerings that BAIP already has in place providing design, implementation and support services.
This partnership will help BAIP customers meet these challenges by combining GlassHouse's experience and leadership in the storage, databases, virtualization, DRP, and operating systems fields with BAIP's long experience in system integration and active presence in the Baltic IT market.
BAIP's significant market penetration into hundreds of organisations and the extensive IT infrastructure expertise of GlassHouse makes us ideal partners," said Kazimieras Tonkunas, CEO of BAIP.