BAIPABorn Alive Infants Protection Act
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The BAIPA was a response to troubling indications, well summarized in the House Judiciary Committee's excellent 2001 report on the legislation, that some abortion providers and pro-abortion activists did not regard infants born alive during abortion procedures as legal persons especially if the infants were deemed to be "pre-viable" (i.e., have limited life expectancy due to prematurity).
[section]8 was enacted, evidence has surfaced that BAIPA did not stop what it intended to stop.
The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act would strengthen enforcement of existing law, such as BAIPA
However, in the years since BAIPA was enacted, evidences have multiplied that some abortion providers continue to not regard babies born alive during abortions as persons.
Knowing how potentially damaging his actions could be, during Obama's 2008 run for President, his campaign and his defenders have asserted repeatedly and forcefully that it is a distortion, or even a smear, to suggest that Obama opposed a state BAIPA that was the same as the federal bill.
This is not the first time Obama has had to deal with his votes on the Illinois BAIPA. When he was running for the U.S.
BAIPA would merely have given to babies who somehow survived the abortionist's best efforts the same level of care given to babies who spontaneously are born premature.