BAIRBreathing Air
BAIRBiological Atlas of Insulin Resistance (Imperial College Genetics and Genomics Research Institute; London, England, UK)
BAIRBasic Artificial Intelligence Routine (filtering system; Extrope, Inc.)
BAIRBureau d' Appui aux Initiatives Rurales (French)
BAIRBattlefield Automation Integration Review
BAIRBurst Aggregate Input Rate
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Bair has been named to the board's Compensation Committee, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, and the Risk Policy and Capital Committee.
3M announced today that a federal court has dismissed all of the federal lawsuits against the 3M Bair Hugger system.
Most valuable player four seasons, the Raiders renamed it the Maggie Bair Award.
An anti-polio compaign was underway in the private school of Budh Bair Mashu Khel where children were administered polio drops but after some time condition of more than 60 children fell unconscious who later shifted at Hayat Abad medical complex for first aid.
The Bair Hugger, owned by 3M,uses forced air from a blower on or near the floor to heat a "blanket" that keeps patients' bodies warm during surgery.
To little surprise, Bair will work out of the Washington, D.C.
"Banks Violet Bair, this little bit has fully stolen our hearts!
Pepper was brought back home safely by Bair's wife Jennifer.
Arabs like bair honey, and Pakistan supplies it in its purest form.
Thanks to the cooperation between the two countries, efforts are made to complete the railroad by 2023 and to finalize it with the construction of the tunnel at Deve Bair.
Former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair has a novel idea about how the government can address the student loan crisis: End debt financing, which now totals $1.3 trillion, and replace student loans with an income payment plan.