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BAIRESBuenos Aires (Argentina)
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Building on a typology of transnational firm types, developed by Landolt, Autler, and Baires in 1999, we examine whether immigrant attitudes toward the host country and their degree of embeddedness in the home country can predict the specific type of transnational enterprise that an immigrant is likely to begin.
Se administraron dos instrumentos con adecuadas propiedades psicometricas, una prueba de aptitud verbal (BAIRES) de Cortada de Kohan (2003) y una prueba de conocimientos generales (Macbeth eta., 2006).
Landolt, Patricia, Lilian Autler, and Sonia Baires. 1999.
He recalls: At that moment, we were the owners of the Estudios Baires Films of Don Torcuato, and we needed to keep the studio in motion.
A CARTOON OF A DANCING COW ON THE DOOR OF THE Baires restaurant in Rome's historical center exclaims "I'm Argentine!" And that's great news for beef-loving Italians frightened by homegrown meat.