BAITCBachelor of Arts in International Technical Communication
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Instead of the concentration and professional practice electives, the BAITC curriculum requires 24 hours of electives chosen from the following:
In addition, BAITC students must take the following:
REQUIRED COURSES FOR BOTH THE BAITC AND BSTPC Course Title Hours Composition I 3 Composition II 3 Pre-calculus 3 Public Speaking 2 Science, Technology, and Society 2 Literature Course 3 Art and Culture Course 3 Pre-calculus I 4 Two Laboratory Sciences 8 American Context 3 World History 3 Behavioral Science 3 Cultures and Societies 3 Business Communication 3 Technical Writing 3 Foundations of Technical Communication 3 Research in Technical Communication 3 Mathematics or Science Elective 3 Grammar 3 Foundations of Graphics 3 Small Group Communication 3 Rhetoric: History, Theory, and Practice 3 Project Portfolio 3