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Bajc said that the campaign has been initiated by passengers' relatives from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, France and India, but not China or Malaysia, the report added.
Bajc said experts on flight tracking who have been advising the families would now be able to analyse the data to see if the search area could be refined and determine if Inmarsat and other officials had missed anything.
An exploration of the 'unofficially' sacred has served to expand scholarly understandings of sacred space; work on pilgrimage, for example, has moved beyond a unitary focus on sacred sites by engaging in increasingly explicit terms with the movement of pilgrims towards a sacred 'centre' (eg, Bajc et al, 2007; Coleman and Eade, 2004; Timothy and Olsen, 2006).
Barnett, P.J., and Bajc, A.F., 2002, Quaternary geology, in Rousell, D.H., and Jansons, K.J., eds., The Physical Environment of the City of Greater Sudbury: Ontario Geological Survey, Special Volume 6, p.
The result is a dramatic increase in efficiency over that produced by a conventional plant, according to plant manager Peter Bajc ("Bayjack").
While not discounting the expected contributions from sociology, criminology, and legal studies for a volume of this type, Bajc's multi-disciplinary collection coalesces scholarly work from relatively disparate academic areas, including geography, sports science, kinesiology and physical education, history, and journalism.
Sarah Bajc, girlfriend of passenger of MH370, believes that the investigators are not telling the truth.
Relatives frustrated Many relatives of those on board, who were mostly from China and Malaysia, have voiced frustration over the lack of progress with Sarah Bajc, partner of American passenger Philip Wood, unimpressed by the latest developments.
Bajc told NBC News that they started after the plane went missing.
"The briefings are a joke," said Sarah Bajc, whose partner, Philip Wood, was a passenger on the plane.
American Sarah Bajc, whose partner Philip Wood was on the flight, added: "They are covering something up and I'm sure that we will find out in the future."