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BAJIBlack Alliance for Just Immigration (Oakland, CA)
BAJIBook of Approved Jury Instructions
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He said that on May 14 a convoy of four Land Cruiser vehicles carrying mercenaries of the Justice and Equality Movement has obstructed 14 vehicles belonging to a Chadian road construction company loaded with cement, en route from Al-Fasher to Chad, between the area of Al-Dor and Ana Baji and looted them to the Donki Al-Hosh area, adding that the mercenaries contacted the commodity owners demanding the payment of ransom in order to set free the looted vehicles.
Originally the fort-capital of Rajput Parmara rulers of Malwa it was later run over by the Mughals until taken by the Marathas in 1732 by Peshwa Baji Rao.
Journalist Hassoun Baji said that the Kuwaiti terminal will cancel the role of Iraqi ports.
Shaikh Khalifa reaffirmed the UAE's support during a meeting he held on Tuesday with Tunisian Prime Minister Al Baji Ca'ed Al Sebsi at Al Rawda Palace in Al Ain.
Yasaman Baji is the pseudonym of an Iranian Journalist based in Tehran.
Three of the dead were identified as Baji, Lal Muhammad and Mehmood.
The Supreme Court had demoted 54 bureaucrats back to Grade 21 after finding out through a Foreign Office babu that a madam switched cards in such a clinical way that even premier Gilani - with all his purported journalistic credentials -could not detect it when he was hit with a flush (rather royal flush, which baji 20 percent loves to play during her London or US tours).
The plant has a long-term supply of gas at lower prices and it is port-based so incoming/outgoing freight is reduced," Prasad Baji, analyst with Edelweiss Capital, said.
Baji Yasmeen, Kamran Aziz, Nuzhat Nazir, Samar Abbas, Nazia Iffat and Saima siddique were also awarded by Roshaneh Zafar.
Relatives kept Wujian Cuomao, 68, and Cairen Baji alive by sending them food and water through gaps with the help of bamboo poles.
Relatives kept four-year-old Cairen Baji and her grandmother, Wujian Cuomao, alive by using bamboo poles to push water and rice through the rubble until rescuers could pull them out.