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The strategic move enables the villagers to slowly switch from rain- fed crops such as bajra and jowar to commercial crops like onions and potatoes.
There is a sharp increase in, rice, wheat, maize, bajra, jowar, black gram and arhar prices that has led to food price inflation rising to about 20% in early 2010.
The deceased belonged to Sukha Chak and Bajra Garhi villages.
Pearl millet locally known as bajra is a very important and useful dual-purpose summer crop grown for both fodder and grain.
Remaining all other crops except Sugarcane and Bajra have recorded decelerated growth rates in respect of area during 197071 to 2009-10.
The other crops like Bajra, tobacco, Jawar and barley also witnessed a decline in production of 12.1%, 8.7%, 2.8% and 1.4%.
local time in the Bajra Ghari area of Sialkot, a city located in eastern part of Pakistan, which borders India.
has notified 7 crops like Paddy, Maize, Jowar, Arhar, Seasum, Bajra and Urad to be covered for Kharif 2010 season.
The prices of urad gained 6 percent, while maize, bajra and gram prices rose by 1 percent each.
Talking to the visiting journalists, the locals said that life in border villages and towns like Sucheetgarh, Charwah, Meraajkey, Harpal, Bajra Garhi, Chaprar, Phookaliyaan-Bajwat, Zafarwal, Shakargarh and other areas was normal despite recent threats by the Indian political and military leadership of aggression after the Pulwama incident.
He said that be it crops of wheat and paddy or mustard or bajra, the farmers are getting assured income between Rs 5,000 to Rs 12,000 per acre.