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In nominal phrases where the former is expressed by nominative (or absolute) form the first component can be: (1) adnominal adjective: sor ulca 'middle street'; (2) the first element of composite word: sorkar ('middle' + 'city') 'capital', bakca sijon ('kitchen garden' + 'food') 'vegetable'); (3) noun with the following postposition: ton sor-i uckisko (you-NOM POSTP-IL look-PRES/1SG) 'I am looking at you', zek vil-in (table-NOM POSTP-IN) 'on the table'; (4) noun in the function of possessor: korka sor 'the middle of house'; (5) noun in the function of agent of the process which is expressed by -(e)m-participle in the latter part: uci cird-em (nightingale-NOM sing-PART) 'the singing of nightingale', sundi puks-em (sun-NOM set-PART) 'sunset'.