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BALANCEBenefit Authors without Limiting Advancement or Net Consumer Expectations
BALANCEBenefit Authors Without Limiting Advancement or Net Consumer Expectations Act of 2003 (proposed US legislation; HR 1066)
BALANCEBlind Adults Learning About Normal Community Environment (Canada)
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the balance of power in Europe and the rights of the people," the abbe was saying.
But I miscalculated the point of balance, so that when I heaved the top of the mast came up instead of the butt.
And in a state of physical balance and security, power, intellectual as well as physical, would be out of place.
They had an off month in Los Angeles, and Captain Roberts got it into his head he was going to make a dog balance a silver dollar on the neck of a champagne bottle.
Thuvia volunteered to remain on watch while the balance of the party slept for an hour.
Thus she contrives to intenerate the granite and felspar, takes the boar out and puts the lamb in and keeps her balance true.
let both sides join in creating not a new balance of power.
It is true that the green Martians are absolutely virtuous, both men and women, with the exception of such degenerates as Tal Hajus; but better far a finer balance of human characteristics even at the expense of a slight and occasional loss of chastity.
A number of the women scattered to their several huts to fetch pots and water, while others built a row of fires on which portions of the feast were to be boiled while the balance would be slowly dried in strips for future use, as they expected the other warriors to return with many prisoners.
By the time that Lord John Russell's measure was being debated in the House of Commons, there was a new political animation in Middlemarch, and a new definition of parties which might show a decided change of balance if a new election came.
On earth I had often seen him call a cab to travel a square--he was paying for it now, and his old legs wobbled so that I put my arm about him and half carried him through the balance of those frightful marches.
"P.S.--The balance of your punishment has to do with what shall presently befall your wife--that I shall leave to your imagination."