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Balis ended appearances scoring during DID YOU KNOW?
Igor Balis took responsibility for the crucial penalty at Bradford.
Bali and Lombok, however, were not considered very remote, nor seen as places where the most 'natural people' could be found.
Bali and Lombok: At the crossroads of racial influences
In the 1930s Bali became increasingly 'ethnologised' and was, in the words of Thomas A.
Bali and Lombok were not only conceptualised in religious or exotic terms but also racially.
Wolter Robert van Hoevell, a Dutch Protestant minister, scholar and later politician who travelled to Java, Madura and Bali in 1847, found the Balinese of slender build and taller than the Javanese, with a lighter skin.
(29) Medical doctor Julius Jacobs agreed with this categorisation of the Balinese based on his observations of women when he was in Bali administering smallpox vaccinations in the 1880s.
MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB Depak Bali gets away from business worries during break in Tibet