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He did something he had never done to another ballist before, he apologized for his actions.
To a person, the ballists of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball are outgoing individuals who willingly give their time to promote and interpret the history of mid 19th-century base ball.
Shkljzen Meta from fan group "Ballists," said they are used to such chanting.
In less than three days Nazis and Ballists would wreak havoc in the pastoral life of my village.
It's a big city by Albanian standards, even in 1940, which is why the Italians and Greeks and Germans, the right-wing Ballists and the left-wing partisans are so hot to play musical chairs with it.
In June 1886 the Bismarck Tribune editorialized "Batting seems to be the great and paramount qualification for the base ballists now instead of the old fashioned idea of good fielding, good catching and throwing gaining glory.
Paul Daily Globe, "Enjoining Base Ballists," July 8, 1884; Minneapolis Tribune, "They Don't Like Base Ball, and, Therefore, Petition for an Injunction Restraining the Ball Club," July 8, 1884.
The articles based on the Stanton account bore such benign titles as "Female Base Ballists," "Feminine Base Ball Players," and "Base Ball Notes." The articles based on the anonymous source were a bit more descriptive, using titles like, "The Last [latest] Sporting Sensation: A Female Base Ball Club at Peterboro," "Remarkable Female Base Ball Match--Something New," "Ladies Playing Ball," and "Women as Base-Ball Players."
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In March 1886 the Southern League of Colored Base Ballists was formed by Jacksonville, Florida, politician and newspaperman John Menard.
By fielding a team composed wholly of professional ballists, the Cincinnati Red Stockings tidily vanquished the best of not only the Brooklyn clubs but also nines from all across the land for the entire 1869 season.
Blacking out on a twentieth-century Amtrak platform on his way back west from his father's funeral in Cleveland, Sam finds himself on a train with the famous "base ballists," as they call themselves, and becomes fast friends with the team's left fielder, Andy Leonard, the Huck Finn--like brother of Gait.