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BALMBorn Again Lesbian Music (touring music ministry; Costa Mesa, CA)
BALMBank Asset Liability Management (various applications)
BALMBlock And List Manipulation
BALMBanyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)
BALMBoston Area Liberation Medics
BALMBritish Association of Lawyer Mediators (UK)
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com) GENTLE enough to be used as a daily face polish, this silky balm emulsifies with water to create a paste.
para]]Organic Balms Are Latest Additions to Makes 3 Certified Organic Products[[/para]]
They show no signs of wear, only more determination than ever to make it happen for their brand, Balm Chicky Balm Balm.
Tiger Balm will also sponsor two other Avon Walk for Breast Cancer events in 2014--San Francisco (July 12 and 13) and New York (October 18 and 19).
Tiger Balm White also promises to help relieve tension headaches.
Momiji Apple Kisses Lip Balm (5ml), marksand spencer.
com This collection of five flavoured moisturising lip balms is made with Community Fair Trade beeswax from Cameroon.
Before you do anything, you must thoroughly clean the lip balm containers with soap and water (removing the entire old product in reused items), and sterilize them with rubbing alcohol.
A national press advert for Boots Super Slim No7 says the anti-cellulite balm is effective within two weeks.
Matis Homme After-Shave Moisturising Balm, pounds 19Although it smells like '80s aftershave, it's very good - smooth and not greasy.
The Tiger Balm Sweepstakes was an overwhelming success with more than 30,000 qualified entries," said Kenneth Yeung, Founder and President of Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc.
NO doubt the expertise and expensive ingredients that have gone into the making of this lip balm account for its price, but basically it's just a nice lip balm with a very faint fruity fragrance.