BALPBone Alkaline Phosphatase
BALPBruce Power A Limited Partnership (energy industry; Canada)
BALPbronchoalveolar lavage fluid
BALPBarclays Africa Leadership Programme
BALPBiologically Active Linear Polysaccharides
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Table 3 summarizes the relationship between the WOMAC OA and Lequesne Indices and the Ca, P, ALP, and BALP levels.
A significant positive correlation was found between BALP and the stiffness subscale scores of WOMAC (p=0.
No significant relationship was found between BALP levels and mean Lequesne Index values (p=0.
In both sexes, median serum concentrations of CrossLaps and BALP remained fairly constant during the prepubertal period; increased during puberty, with slightly higher values obtained for boys than for girls; and decreased rapidly thereafter.
In this cross-sectional study, we provide reference values specific for age, sex, and pubertal stage for serum IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 concentrations, the IGF-1/ IGFBP-3 ratio, and CrossLaps and BALP concentrations in healthy French white children between ages 6-20 years.
Our results for bone metabolism markers are consistent with those previously reported for serum CrossLaps concentration, a marker of bone resorption, but not with those for serum BALP concentration, for which a weak positive correlation was found with the SDS of anthropometric markers, suggesting greater bone formation in children that are tall or heavy for their age (17), which was not seen in our study.
65 mmol/L) and 24 (16 PC, 7 BC, and 1 urothelial) had increased BALP, normal or decreased CaS, normal or decreased Ca:Cr, and mixed or blastic but not lytic lesions at x-ray.
When patients were stratified according to bone pain, ICTP and DPYD showed a progressive increase with the increase of the bone pain, whereas BALP and I-BALP did not parallel the ICTP pattern.
BALP and I-BALP progressively increased in patients with LC, BC, and PC.
As a result of reorganizing Bruce Power, TransCanada expects to proportionately consolidate its investment in both Bruce Power and BALP on a prospective basis from closing.
A capital cost risk and reward sharing schedule for BALP and the OPA is in place for spending below or above the $4.
For further detail on the terms of the restart and refurbishment agreements between BALP and the OPA, please refer to the attached backgrounder.