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BALPABritish Airline Pilot's Association
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A Thomas Cook spokesperson said: "We are disappointed that BALPA has decided to go ahead with the strike.
Those who endanger others must be aware they face penalties JIM MCAUSLAN OF BALPA ON DRONE CONTROL NEED
Jim McAuslan, general secretary of BALPA, said: 'Making every flight a safe flight is the number one priority for British pilots who have helped establish some of the highest safety standards in Europe.
McCall said the airline were talking to BALPA about moving cadet pilots on to permanent contracts.
BALPA has not advised of any potential strike dates, and even if they do any industrial action is by no means a certainty.
One of the agreements between the carrier and BALPA is that there should be an independent review body with an independent chairperson to look at pilot work patterns.
BALPA said that a survey it commissioned showed that 89 percent of the UK public would be concerned by the potential changes to shift patterns under the new rules.
They're confident that working with BALPA, they'll settle the dispute.
Jim McAuslan, general secretary of BALPA, said that "this is doubly disappointing news" and is "hoping other airlines pick up the slack in those key regional market so passengers are not adversely affected.
BALPA said they had reached a draft pay and productivity package with BA which would see pilots deliver a permanent annual saving programme of pounds 26million from October 2009.
BALPA points out that road transport carbon dioxide emissions in the UK in the 15-year period 1990 to 2005 increased by 11m tons - from 109m to 120m tons of carbon.
BALPA are refusing to back using air marshals unless pilots know who they are before take-off.