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BALSBachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (various universities)
BALSBachelor of Arts with Library Studies
BALSBusiness Administration Legal Studies (college degree)
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Bal. Let me beg you, sir, Descend with me -- the Duke may be offended.
Bal. Your lordship's pleasure Shall be attended to.
Bal. That he, Castiglione' not being aware Of any feud existing, or any cause Of quarrel between your lordship and himself, Cannot accept the challenge.
Bal. No more, my lord, than I have told you, sir: The Count Castiglione will not fight, Having no cause for quarrel.
Bal. I go- to-morrow we meet, Do we not?- at the Vatican.
Each tells the story of an unforgettable evening, guided by a sparkling feminine dancer who invites us to step into the magical world of these five Bals de Legende, it added.
Showcasing the extraordinary Bals de Legende collection will allow design enthusiasts to connect with our roots, whilst highlighting our dedication to uncompromising support for creativity," remarked Alban Belloir, the regional director of Van Cleef & Arpels.
From the beginning Semmens emphasizes the social role played by the balls, differentiating them not only from formal royal balls (bals pares), which were danced only by individual couples chosen from the highest nobility while the rest of the court looked on, but also from more informal bals masques, where courtly etiquette was relaxed somewhat because the rank of the dancers was obscured (at least in theory) by their masks.
Mise en scene subtile de la vie quotidienne chez Goffman, et mise en scene sans doute plus eclatante dans les bals et les initiations, ou les acteurs sociaux jouent a l'evidence un role hors de leur quotidien.
The Bal Spring[R] canted coil spring: A Stand-Alone Solution
Bal Seal Canted Coil Springs are proven performers, and have been designed into many of today's most innovative orthopedic applications.
In this high-speed rotary hand tool for orthopedic applications, a Bal Seal[R] Spring-energized Seal (which can be made from a selection of medical-grade materials including virgin PTFE and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) guards against the ingress of saline, blood and other fluids that can lead to motor failure.