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BALTBronchus-Associated Lymphoid Tissue
BALTBiliary Atresia & Liver Transplant Network
BALTBarometric Altimeter
BALTBronchial Associated Lymphatic Tissue (pulmonology)
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27 hurriedly sailed to the mainland after seeing the gunmen in four boats arriving in Balt.
BALT said the transaction aligns with its strategy to position BALT as a leader in the neurovascular sector, and to develop its presence in the US.
Balt town is famous for "Al Ghuraif" archaeological site, which was built on a high hill, which looks like a tower in its function.
But Balt has made it clear he doesn't want to be based in London because it's too far away from his children.
Microscopicamente se diferenciaron varios patrones de lesion pulmonar; entre los mas frecuentes se encontraron bronconeumonia supurativa, neumonia broncointersticial supurativa, y la hiperplasia de BALT.
Senior BALT members offer junior members business tips from their personal insights and experiences gained from exposure to senior P&G executives.
The witnesses hurriedly sailed to the mainland after they saw several armed men on four boats docking on Balt Island, he said.
Headquartered in Chicago, IL, East Balt is a global bakery business spanning four continents with 21 bakeries in 12 countries.
Lasureco restored light only in nine towns, and left the 18 others still groping in the dark, forcing the mayors of the affected towns to petition the trial court to cite the power firm in contempt for dying the order, said Balt, who is the counsel of the complainants.
HITS--MiCabrera, Detroit, 170; ABeltre, Texas, 167; Machado, Balt.
They talk on the phone all the time and when Sienna flew out to Malibu to be with Balt while he was filming Brothers & Sisters, she suggested they all meet up.
BASEBALL - Major League: Atlanta Braves 7 Florida M 4, B Red Sox 5 LA Angels 7, Chicago WS 7 NY Yankees 6, Cin Reds 3 H Astros 5, Colorado Rockies 4 Chicago Cubs 2, Detroit T 8 Texas Rang 2, Kansas C Royals 6 Cleveland Indians 9, Los Angeles Dodgers 4 A Diamondbacks 6, Milwaukee Br 1 Philadelphia Phillies 3, Oakland Athletics 11 Minnesota Twins 2, Pitts Pirates 2 St Louis Card 6, San Diego Padres 0 San Francisco Giants 1, Seattle M 7 Balt Orioles 8, TB Devil Rays 5 Toronto Blue Jays 3, Wash Nationals 10 New York Mets 5.