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BALUNBalanced Unbalanced
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Khan, "Klopfenstein tapered 218 GHz microstrip balun," in Proceedings of 2012 9th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences & Technology (IBCAST), pp.
The discrete filter balun design including modeling, design, and validation is described in Section 2.
Balun's support, leadership, dedication and immense knowledge.
1(b) consists of two pairs of radiating arms and an integrated quarter-wave coaxial balun. The bow-tie arms are bent along Z-axis to make the antenna compact.
In the previous studies, the authors have presented a balun BPF with simple structure and good performances based on coupled ring resonator [12].
The GigaBOB is an active/intelligent balun and a breakout box.
An integrated Rx balun eliminates the requirement for tuning components between the FEM and the SoC while the direct-to-battery connection eliminates the need for additional DC circuitry.