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Balit (2010a: 4) points out that C4D is a social process based on dialogue, it is a "soft and social science that has to do with listening, building trust and respecting local cultures - not easy concepts to understand for policy makers and programme managers with a background in hard sciences".
In contrast, Silvia Balit's "Communication for Development in Good and Difficult Times: The FAO Experience" considers the case of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and its experiences, both positive and negative, in communication for development.
En las actividades realizadas por el SCR, el video era solo una parte Instrumental --aunque cargada de significado--, que formaba parte de las llamadas Unidades Educativas Audiovisuales (UEAs) que, ademas del video, eran constituidas por una cartilla del participante y un auxiliar didactico: "Audio-visual training packages were produced on key themes, issues and technologies that were identified by the farmers and technicians" (Balit, 1988:3).
Currying flavour: Mohammed Ali Haydor, owner of Kushi Balit House, celebrates National Curry Week.
Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden authors; Christina Balit illustrator; THE ADVENTURES OF ODYSSEUS; Barefoot Books (Middle Readers:Fiction) $19.99 ISBN: 9781841488004
Elias Balit, Sales Head of IMI , said: "Quality always sells and the current slowdown in the global economy is not affecting the niche segment which is less affected by market conditions.
Both books have gorgeous illustrations by Christina Balit, and Jacqueline Mitton provides charming descriptions of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses whose stories underlie longstanding interpretations of the heavenly patterns.--R.
Here one expects contrast and occasionally even lexemic resumption: [3] PN [...] sa istu pana ana simtim illik u inuma awilum su balatum-ma balit mimma epes[a]m ul ile PN, [...] of old, has died.
Lovely drawings by Christina Balit accents an unusual first-person story from the scarab's viewpoint, which blends drama and mystery with historic background.
As well as Tessier, the finalists for the job are TV producer Patrick de Carolis, presenter of current affairs show "Des racines et des ailes"; Jose Freches, former editor of regional newspaper group Midi Libre; Norbert Balit, former deputy general manager of Canal Plus' news web i-Television; and producer Simone Halberstadt Harari, CEO of Tele Images and head of the powerful TV producers' body USPA.
Once Upon a Starry Night Jacqueline Mitton and Christina Balit (National Geographic Society, 2003).